Social impact, down to a science.

For more than 25 years, we've been shifting the conception of public policy from an ideology, reliant on politics and pedigree, to a science rooted in data and impact.

That's a perfect foundation for a part-time evening master's degree program in public affairs and public policy that caters to business professionals, non-profit leaders, and those already working in public policy.

At Harris, we develop leaders who fearlessly ask the hard questions and follow the evidence to find the answers, leaders who are adept at using the best science of our day to figure out what’s best for society—and can get it done.

The Harris Experience

At Harris Public Policy, you can expect to be challenged and stimulated by a community of fearless individuals who are like-minded in their pursuits of rigorous inquiry and measurable impact, and unique in their diverse backgrounds and interests. Together with your Harris classmates, you’ll confront issues arising right here in Chicago and around the world—and design solutions that work, using the latest science and technology.

Whether your background is econ or English, at a food bank or the World Bank, you’ll benefit from our core curriculum that gives you a solid analytical foundation. We’ll teach you to face the world’s toughest problems, challenge the easy answers, and make smarter, data-driven decisions that lead your organization to the change it wants to see.

Faculty Who Are Leaders in Their Fields

Harris faculty are at the forefront of policy and analytics. Using the best science of our day, they challenge the status quo, ask the difficult questions and fearlessly follow the data to confront society’s most complex challenges. Among the faculty you will learn from in the Evening Master's Program are Anthony Fowler, an expert in the politics of policymaking in legislatures, and Irving Harris Professor in Urban Policy Jeff Grogger.

Gain Access to a Lifelong Network of Mentors and Peers

Harris' outstanding alumni are driven to tackle society's toughest problems with innovative, data-driven solutions.

Harris alumni work in the public and private sectors and for non-profit organizations, NGOs, and IGOs. They are program officers, campaign chiefs of staff, chief marketing officers, consultants, government officers, and directors at major organizations worldwide.

Jeff Grogger

Irving Harris Professor in Urban Policy

Jeffrey Grogger

Aa an applied microeconomist, Jeff Grogger has worked on issues including crime, education, migration, and various aspects of racial inequality. He is a leading authority on social insurance programs and on US welfare reform.