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A new paper finds that Ban the Box policies may not have as significant of an impact as hoped for.
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One effect of the COVID-19 pandemic is that many workers who formerly worked five days a week in an office now work from home all or some of the time. And this trend will likely continue, according to a new working paper co-authored by Austin Wright.
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Who owns a piece of land? And how do we keep track of who owns what? These simple questions have repercussions for societies and economies around the globe, and answering them is not always so simple.
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Only 1% of mergers are challenged by the Federal Trade Commission.
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Assistant Professors Gregory Lane and Erin Kelley found that the assignment of a female-sounding name for an online sales agent led to 50 percent fewer purchases.
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If the Jones Act were repealed, the efficiency of the U.S. oil market would improve by $403 million a year. Consumers on average would gain $769 million in savings—more than double what producers would lose from lower oil and refined product prices.