Join the conversation on critical issues ahead of the Keller Center's grand opening on May 3. #PolicyForward

This spring, the University of Chicago Harris School of Public Policy is spotlighting areas where Harris is driving impact for the next generation, leading up to the May 3 opening of the Keller Center.

Follow the digital and social channels of Harris Public Policy as well as UChicago to learn more about the work of Harris faculty, students, and alumni to confront three of the most critical issues facing our cities, the nation, and our world. How policymakers and citizens address these complex challenges will have deep and lasting impacts on the next generation: 

  • Strengthening Democracy when it faces challenges both in the US and abroad
  • Fighting Poverty and Inequality as the gulf between the world’s “haves” and “have nots” widens
  • Combating Climate Change as we look to build a more sustainable future

“More than ever, the crucial questions facing the next generation require the clear-eyed analysis and evidence-based approach that have long been Harris’ hallmark,” said Katherine Baicker, dean and Emmett Dedmon professor at Harris. “Our work as scholars, policymakers, and rising leaders and our role as a policy school have never been more important.”

Beginning March 26, the “Impact for the Next Generation” initiative will feature a series of perspectives and new policy ideas from Harris, the campus community, public servants and elected officials, policy practitioners, members of the media, and other leading voices.   

To join the conversation, follow @HarrisPolicy, visit, and share your #PolicyForward perspective and stories.  On May 3, the school will host the Harris Policy Forum, part of the Keller Center Grand Opening Celebration, when we will continue the dialogue and explore the latest ideas to confront these crucial policy questions.