"Please avoid projecting your climate change fears on your friend who showers longer than you, who eats more meat or who flies more than you. Yes, you do score more points on that moral scale of yours, but no, you picked the wrong fight."
"To have a voice and a vote in this country, at this time, is a unique opportunity to do a remarkable amount of good."
"Putting my faith in electoral politics meant putting my faith in collective conscious decision making, but economics can alter the course of decision making in millions of people without having to persuade them consciously."
Energy Efficiency
"When you look 50 years down the road at what we are trying to achieve in terms of reduced GHG, we now have to consider that we are only getting three-quarters of the expected savings from efficiency upgrades."
IPSS Discussion
On March 1, public policy students from 14 programs around the world convened at the Keller Center for Inter-Policy School Summit, an intensive three-day, student-run public policy conference that the Harris students have hosted for the past three years.
Vista with Windmill
A new study analyzing data from the 29 states and District of Columbia with mandatory RPS policies finds that the policies come at a high cost to consumers and are inefficient in reducing carbon emissions.