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Keller Center Grand Opening Celebration: May 3, 2019

Harris Policy Forum
1:00 - 5:00pm

Join Harris Public Policy for the grand opening of our new home, the Keller Center, and explore the latest policy ideas that are advancing progress in our cities, across countries, and around the globe. The Harris Policy Forum will engage participants in thought-provoking policy talks and labs with scholars and policy leaders who are making an impact on the most important issues facing our world and the next generation.

Opening Session: State of Democracy
1:00 - 2:15pm

Examining fresh opinion data from the UChicago Harris/AP-NORC poll on public attitudes towards democracy and government effectiveness, leading academic experts and policy voices will explore the state of democracy and the possibilities for meaningful reform.

Afternoon Workshops: Impact for the Next Generation
2:30 - 4:40pm

Thanks to advances in technology and data science, we have more data at our disposal than ever before. But harnessing these tools to drive evidence-based policy requires dedication both to uncovering innovative solutions and to connecting that work to real-world impact.

Join Harris Public Policy faculty and leading experts for a series of flash talks and impact labs to explore how pioneering, data-driven approaches are being used to address vital policy questions.

Strengthening democracy and our institutions

Democracy is under siege in the United States and around the world. Here at home, the two parties have grown increasingly polarized, public trust in political institutions has fallen dramatically, and populism has taken hold. Abroad, political violence, intra-state conflict, and rising autocratic tendencies have further contributed to the erosion of democratic institutions. Is the situation as dire as it looks, and what can be done?

Flash Talks
2:30 - 3:30pm

Impact Lab: Election Security
3:40 - 4:40pm

Fighting poverty and inequality

The gulf between the world’s “haves” and “have nots” is wider than it has ever been. Few doubt that poverty and inequality are major societal challenges, but agreement on effective policy solutions has proven elusive. As policymakers struggle with paying for entitlement programs, reforming education and health care systems, and developing innovative social policies, even more questions arise. How do we balance competing goals and needs? How do we promote a rising standard of living and provide a social safety net? What programs actually work best to achieve these goals?

Flash Talks
2:30 - 3:30pm

Impact Lab: Crime and Education
3:40 - 4:40pm

Building a sustainable future

Delivering access to reliable and affordable energy, while minimizing social and environmental costs, is one of our world’s most crucial challenges. Global energy demand is expected to grow substantially over the next two decades, putting increasing pressure on our leaders to address our changing climate and its future impact on our environment, the global economy, and human health. Policymakers around the world are looking for solutions that will successfully address the dangers of climate change, incorporate the costs of mitigation, and deliver the affordable energy the world needs. But can we get there?

Flash Talks
2:30 - 3:30pm

Impact Lab: Energy and Environment
3:40 - 4:40pm

Featured Speakers Include:

  • Katherine Baicker, Dean, Harris Public Policy
  • Christopher Berry, William J. and Alicia Townsend Friedman Professor, Harris Public Policy; academic director, Center for Municipal Finance
  • Jake Braun, Lecturer and Executive Director, Cyber Policy Initiative, Harris Public Policy 
  • Fiona Burlig, Assistant Professor, Harris Public Policy
  • Oeindrila Dube, Philip K. Pearson Professor of Global Conflict Studies, Harris Public Policy
  • Arne Duncan, Former US Secretary of Education and CEO of Chicago Public Schools; Managing Partner, Emerson Collective and Distinguished Senior Fellow, Harris Public Policy
  • Anthony Fowler, Associate Professor, Harris Public Policy 
  • Theaster Gates, Professor, Department of Visual Arts and the College; Senior Advisor for Cultural Innovation and Advisor to the Dean, Harris Public Policy
  • Peter Ganong, Assistant Professor, Harris Public Policy 
  • Michael Greenstone, Milton Friedman Professor, Harris Public Policy, Department of Economics, and the College; and Director of the Energy Policy Institute at the University of Chicago (EPIC) 
  • Will Howell, Sidney Stein Professor, Harris Public Policy
  • Ryan Kellogg, Professor and Deputy Dean, Harris Public Policy 
  • Jens Ludwig, Edwin A. and Betty L. Bergman Distinguished Service Professor at Harris Public Policy; director of the University of Chicago’s Crime Lab, co-director of the Education Lab
  • David Meltzer, Professor, Department of Medicine, Harris Public Policy, and the Department of Economics; Chief of the Section of Hospital Medicine and Director of the Center for Health and the Social Sciences
  • Roger Myerson, Nobel Laureate, David L. Pearson Distinguished Service Professor of Global Conflict Studies, Harris Public Policy

Dedication & Reception
5:00 - 7:00pm

Join University of Chicago leaders at a dedication and reception recognizing the transformative gifts of Dennis and Connie Keller and King and Caryn Harris.

Harris Alumni

The Keller Center Grand Opening Celebration is a part of Harris Connect Weekend. Explore the full schedule of events for Harris Connect Weekend here.