The Political Economy Workshop is a forum for theoretical and empirical research at the intersection of economics and political science. The workshop draws presenters from around the world and participants from around the University with a wide range of substantive interests. The Political Economy Workshop meets in Room 140B at Harris on Thursdays from 12:00-1:20 p.m. The faculty organizers are Peter Buisseret and Wioletta Dziuda.

2017–18 Workshops

October 5 Ernesto Dal Bo (University of California, Berkeley)
October 19 Lubos Pastor (University of Chicago)
October 26 Leopoldo Fergusson (Universidad de los Andes)
November 2 Maria Petrova (Barcelona Institute for Political Economy and Governance)
November 9 Aaron Bodoh-Creed (University of California, Berkeley)
November 16 Julia Payson (New York University)
November 30 Gabriele Gratton (University of New South Wales)
January 18 Scott Gehlbach (University of Wisconsin)
January 25 Marina Azzimonti (Stony Brook University)
February 8 Mehdi Shadmehr (University of Calgary)
February 22 Josh Clinton (Vanderbilt University) - CANCELED
March 8 Alastair Smith (New York University)
March 15 Narvin Kartik (Columbia University) - CANCELED
March 29 Bruno Strulovici (Northwestern University)
April 12 Marco Battaglini (Cornell University)
April 19 Rafaela Dancyger (Princeton University)
April 26 Michele Margolis (University of Pennsylvania)
May 3 Nico Voigtländer (UCLA Anderson School of Management)
May 10 Noam Yuchtman (University of California, Berkeley)
May 17 Melissa Dell (Massachusetts Institute of Technology)
May 31 Nageeb Ali (Penn State University)

Workshop Archive

Political Economy Lunches

The Political Economy Lunch meets on the first Friday of every month, and on additional Fridays as needed. The lunch in intended as an informal setting in which graduate students and faculty can present and receive feedback on early stage and ongoing research. We welcome empirical or theoretical work linked in any way to politics or political economy. The PE lunch is also an excellent venue for practice job talks. Graduate students and faculty from any part of the University are welcome to attend, though please contact us in advance if you haven't been a regular.

If you would like to be added to the PE Lunch mailing list, please contact Cynthia Cook-Conley at [email protected].

2017–18 Lunch Schedule

September 26 Dan Alexander
October 6 No meeting
October 13 Congyi Zhou
"The Last Step to the Throne, the Conflict between Monarchs and Crown Princes"
October 20 Luis Martinez
"How Much Should We Trust the Dictator's GDP Estimates?"
October 27 Greg Sasso
"Delegation and Political Turnover"
November 3 Mariana Laverde
November 10

Monika Nalepa

November 17 Kara Ross Camarena
"Leaving as a Community:  How Uncertainty and Group Dynamics Inform the Choice to Flee Violence"
December 1 Wioletta Dziuda
"It's 'Political Scandals' with Will Howell
January 12

Anthony Fowler

"Do Campaign Contribution Buy Favorable Policies?Evidence from the Insurance Industry."

January 19

Carlo Schwarz

"How Polarized are Citizens? Measuring Ideology from the Ground-Up"

January 26

Ethan Bueno de Mesquita

"From Investiture to Worms:  A Political Economy of European Development and the Rise of Secularism"

February 2

Alex Fouirnaies

"Legislative Elections and Accountability:  Evidence from U.S. State Legislatures (joint work with Andrew Hall)"

February 9

Michael Schnabel

"Dynamics of Public Opinion"

February 16

Brian Richter

"The Value of Political Geography"

February 23

Monika Nalepa

"Electoral Systems and Programmatic Parties:  The Institutional Underpinnings of Parties' Ideological Cohesion"

March 2

Ethan Bueno de Mesquita

"Deterrence with Imperfect Attribution" (with Sandeep Baliga and Alexander Wolitzky)

March 9

John Patty and Maggie Penn

"Valence-based Models of Spatial Policymaking"

March 30 No Meeting
April 13

Federica Izzo

"Do we Get the Best Candidates When We Need Them the Most?"

April 20  
April 27

Kostas Matakos

"Electoral Institutions and Intra-party Cohesion" and it is a joint paper with J. Tukiainen, O. Troumpounis, R. Savolainen and D. Xefteris

May 4

Peter Buisseret

"Legislative Representation in Flexible-List Electoral Systems"

May 11

Luis Martinez/Mariella Gonzales

"Are Voters Responsive to Electoral Fines?  Evidence from Peru"

May 18 Gustavo De Souza
May 25

Liqun Liu

"Domestic Constraints in Crisis Bargaining"

June 1

Jesse Crosson 

"Estimating Interest Group Ideal Points with Public Position-Taking on Bills in Congress"