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Ryan Morgan, Class of 2020

Incoming Student Profile: Ryan Morgan, Class of 2020

Incoming student Ryan Morgan, Class of 2020, chose Harris because he believes the tools he'll acquire here will enable him to help cities survive climate change.
Headshot of Xintong Wu

Student Profile: Xintong Wu, Peking University-University of Chicago International Policy Action Lab (IPAL) 2021

“I think IPAL successfully provided me with the perspective of public policy.”
Headshot of Bobby Bruning

Student profile: Bobby Bruning, Evening Master’s Program Class of 2021

“Working in healthcare consulting, you are right in the middle of reacting to policy and helping health care systems with their finances. It is the best of both worlds.”
Jinglin Fu, Class of 2020

Incoming Student Profile: Jinglin Fu, Class of 2020

Jinglin Fu, Class of 2020, plans to use her MPP to develop better health care policies in China.
Headshot of Joshua Charles

Student Profile: Joshua Charles, MPP Class of 2023, Pearson Fellow

“The MPP program will help foster my ability to create effective public policies and advocate for data-driven interventions.”
Leah Castleberry

Incoming Student Profile: Leah Castleberry, MPP Class of 2020

Leah Castleberry, Class of 2020, is pursuing an MPP to develop urban and social policies to help fellow Chicagoans.
Headshot of Olivia Gunther

Student profile: Olivia Gunther, MPP Class of 2023, DPSS’21

“People are often left out of political or economic conversations because information is not accessible to them. I want to use my academic and professional background to help make information more accessible to others.”
Headshot of Divya Bhatnagar

Alumni Profile: Divya Bhatnagar, MPP’18

"The Harris community gives me a sense of belonging—and energy to continue what I'm doing."
Headshot of Carlos Borges

Student Profile: Carlos Borges, MPP Class of 2022

“It’s not about torturing the data to get the answers you want. It’s about understanding what is out there to get the truth you need.”
Jurl Vinegar

Student Profile: Jurl Vinegar, Class of 2019

Jurl Vinegar, a Master of Public Policy student focusing on municipal finance, plans to get money to the places and programs that matter.
Headshot of Akerah Mackey

Alumni Profile: Akerah Mackey, MPP’21

“I use the statistical analysis skills I gained at Harris nearly every day."
Headshot of John Spence

Student Profile: John Spence, MACRM Class of 2022

“I’m looking forward to those moments where these really complicated things snap into focus and I’ll be able to read these papers on a high level and feel like I’ve opened a window to new knowledge.”