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Meghana Chandra

Alumni Profile: Meghana Chandra, MPP’18

Chandra recommends incoming Harris students be open to trying new things. “When I came from India, I would often look for things that felt familiar. While that’s helpful, it’s also important to push yourself and try new things.”
Headshot of Grishma Bhattarai

Student Profile: Grishma Bhattarai, MACRM Class of 2022

“Harris stood out as a place where I could take the data I was familiar with and put it in a more meaningful format.”
Headshot of Kofi Amoako-Gyan

Student Profile: Kofi Amoako-Gyan, MBA/MPP Class of 2022

“I’m motivated by leaving some type of legacy in the Energy and Infrastructure space. I want to leave whatever I touch in a better place than I found it.”
Headshot of Karla Tamez

Student Profile: Karla Tamez, MPP Class of 2023

“Without data and information, public policy cannot be well formulated—it turns into politics instead of a data-driven approach.”
Headshot of Linda Brito

Student Profile: Linda Brito, MPP Class of 2023

“I really want to be able to amplify the voices of my community. We are the best advocates for our own conditions.”
Neha Lalwani

Student Profile: Neha Lalwani, MA in International Development and Public Policy, Class of 2020

When she graduates from Harris, Lalwani hopes to create lasting final-mile impact by leveraging market solutions and public-private partnerships.
Francisco Haded, Headshot

Student Profile: Francisco Haded, MPP Class of 2022

“I’m eager to engage in the gritty, on-the-ground things happening right in my neighborhood.”
Catherine Witt, Headshot

Student Profile: Catherine Witt, MPP Class of 2022

“We have a responsibility to demand transparency about the systems we’re buying into as part of our democracy and industry.”
Ryan Morgan, Class of 2020

Incoming Student Profile: Ryan Morgan, Class of 2020

Incoming student Ryan Morgan, Class of 2020, chose Harris because he believes the tools he'll acquire here will enable him to help cities survive climate change.
Headshot of Noah Fischer

Student Profile: Noah Fischer, MPP Class of 2023

“I want to work toward bettering people’s lives in a constructive, concrete way.”
Jurl Vinegar

Student Profile: Jurl Vinegar, Class of 2019

Jurl Vinegar, a Master of Public Policy student focusing on municipal finance, plans to get money to the places and programs that matter.
Headshot of Ricardo Sande

Student Profile: Ricardo Sande, MPP Class of 2023

"The skills I gain at Harris will complement the skills I gained in law school and strengthen my view of the larger policy picture."