Faiza plans to return to Indonesia and engage in evidence-based policymaking focused on social inequality, labor economics, and intergenerational mobility.
Headshot of Hazna Faiza
Hazna Faiza

Hazna Faiza, MACRM Class of 2024, came to Harris with a bachelor’s in economics from the University of Indonesia and seven years of work experience. 

Faiza previously worked at Prospera, an Australian-Indonesian partnership for economic development, where she started as a Research Analyst and was eventually promoted to Labor Economist. “My work at Prospera definitely fueled my desire to further my education,” she said. “I primarily conduct long-term research on labor and education. That research made me realize I needed to further my own education if I wanted to make a more significant impact for the people of Indonesia.”

Faiza said her father helped spur her interest in intergenerational mobility, social inequality, and labor economics. “He was a first-generation college student, which disrupted the family immensely. My great-grandfather adamantly wanted my father to be a public transport driver, but he wanted an education. In defiance, my father ran away from home.” 

Faiza said her father—then without a home or money—eventually received a scholarship from STAN Polytechnic of State Finance, a government-affiliated college. "After he earned his Diploma IV in accounting, our family’s life improved immeasurably. My father is now the only person in my family on whom people can depend." 

Faiza said she became curious about the way her father climbed out of poverty to be able to support and nurture their family. "Only later, while I studied economics, did I learn about the concept of intergenerational mobility. Once I did, I found my true calling, which inspired both my academic studies and career at Prospera.”

Faiza said that choosing the Master of Arts in Public Policy with a Certificate in Research Methods (MACRM) program at Harris was a decisive step towards fulfilling her ambition to improve the lives of Indonesians. “I chose the MACRM program because of its curriculum offerings, flexibility, and research opportunities, all of which I am confident will provide me with new tools and skillsets, such as a sound theoretical foundation of mobility and education policy, cutting-edge skills for data science in public policy, and policy evaluation and quantitative research methods.”

While Faiza is deeply motivated to give back to Indonesia, she also underscored the motivation provided by her family. “My husband and child are back in Indonesia, and I miss them daily. I want to make them proud when I return. I am excited to return home and apply my research and knowledge to influence policies that address social inequality, labor economics, and intergenerational mobility.”

Overall, Faiza said the MACRM program at Harris has been a transformative experience—professionally and personally. “Whenever I doubt myself or my abilities, I always remind myself that I’m here to learn. If you want something, don’t take the easy way out. Some people may select a graduate program that isn’t particularly challenging simply to get to the finish line. I recommend that when people consider graduate programs, they also consider whether they will grow as a person and learner through that experience. Harris was ultimately the place for me to do exactly that.”