Grisel Hernandez
“The DPSS program provided me with a structured approach to learning how to code in R and conduct statistical analyses, giving me a transferable technical skill set in an open-source software that I continue to use after the program.”
Headshot of Alex Porter
"My PAC experience will be invaluable for my professional development as I aspire to seek future internships and a career in policy research, analysis, and public policy."
Headshot of Cynthia Ma
“It’s important for people to be aware that there are policies in place to protect them if something happens. I want to make change on a large scale in the healthcare policy field.”
Alex Munro
“PWC was rich, informative, and influenced the way I think. Most importantly, it has informed how I engage with my students.”
Evy Lanai
“Hopefully, my skills and experiences will help me serve the greatest number of people most efficiently and effectively.”
Namuka Ishii
I aspire to work for an international organization, where I can help developing countries secure funding for essential infrastructure—including education—and provide guidance to governments in need.”