"Climate change is a threat multiplier. We see a strong correlation between climate and conflict. In places where resources are scarce, political systems are unstable and cultural rifts exist."
"Holding the government accountable to the people of Puerto Rico is a big challenge and one that a new crop of organizations have been tackling."
How effective has the social safety net been in transporting people out of poverty? How much poverty still exists within the world’s wealthiest country—and which segments are most vulnerable? How has the face of poverty changed over the last 40 years? 
A decade later, the work of Crime Lab has inspired a White House initiative, spawned partnerships in Chicago and New York, and drawn tens of millions of dollars in support from local philanthropists and sports teams.
"Poverty and inequality are passed down just like wealth is and impact people in ways that get bigger with each generation, so I think there needs to be a multi-layered policy approach to promoting equality."
"The U.S. and Britain undertook a systematic attempt to dismantle taxes on rich people starting in the late 1970s and early 1980s, under Ronald Reagan and Margaret Thatcher, which resulted in very predictable consequences."