Sydney Williams, MPP Class of 2024

As a part of Harris Public Policy’s celebration of Black History Month, we asked what Black Radical Imagination means to members of the Harris Community. These are their opinions and perspectives, informed by their own life experiences and worldviews (and do not necessarily reflect the views of Harris).

I see a world where we have a floor but no ceiling. In my world, we stand on principle to propel us to our wildest dreams. We do not believe in glass ceilings either. We do not need to bleed from shattered glass to go after big ideas. We do not have to fight a good fight to reach mountain tops. We get there in one piece and with our peace. We live in security with dignity, and justice for all. We have houses that allow us to feel at home. We do not worry about displacement. We put art on our walls and cook fresh foods with the flavor from our ancestors’ measurements. We are limitless. Our homes have solid foundations and joy without the need for pain.

In my world, we stand on a land where our humanity is valued without the need for validation. We do not go far for validation unless we need it for parking. There is enough of it running through us and with us. We look in the mirror and see beauty, grace, importance, and kindness. We release the heaviness of the news. The worn-out scripts of violence, destruction, and desperation. We move with consideration of others and love thy neighbor. We live because we know our lives are worth living and living well.

In my Black imagination, we sleep peacefully, every night. A full eight hours. Uninterrupted by stress, anxiety, or disturbance. We get rest without needing to ask for it. We get rest without needing to self-medicate. We rest because it is our right. We rest so we can wake up and act on our aspirations. And when we rest, we have good dreams, not nightmares.

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