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The Harris Alumni Council launched the Alumni Awards program in 2013 in effort to recognize alumni who have made significant contributions to public policy. The Alumni Council seeks nominations from all members of the Harris community during an open nomination period and selects the final slate of recipients based on the criteria for each category listed below.

Awardees will be notified by the Awards committee and will be honored at a ceremony that takes place during Harris Connect Weekend which takes place on May 3-4, 2019. Deadline to submit nominations is December 14, 2018.

Nominate Your Peers

CC DuBois Alumni Service Award

Recognizes Harris alumni who have demonstrated a strong commitment to the school through their service and work to enhance the life of students, fellow alumni, and the welfare of the school. Alumni who are staff or faculty at the University of Chicago cannot be considered for this award. 

2018 Award Recipients: David Garcia-Junco, AM'95 & Gerardo de la Pena, MPP'01

Career Achievement Award

Recognizes Harris alumni who have achieved a position of significant leadership in the public, private or nonprofit sector and built a robust track record of meaningful accomplishments that have positively influenced their organization and/or society.

2014       Dan Tangherlini, AB’90, AM’91

2015       Hilarie Koplow-McAdams, AM’87

2016       Anne Richard, AM’84

2017       Honorable Mike Quigley, AM’84

2018       Jennifer Tescher, MPP'96

Rising Star Award

This award recognizes Harris alumni within 15 years of graduation who have distinguished themselves as leaders early in their careers and who have made a meaningful difference in policy (public, private, nonprofit sector).

2014       Beth Swanson, MPP’02

2015       Lisa Ellman, JD/MPP’05

2016       Elizabeth Kneebone, MPP’03

2017       Lorrie Frasure-Yokley, MPP’01

2018       Jaime Bellolio, MPP'10

Nominate Your Peers

2018 Alumni Awards
2018 Alumni Awards: Jennifer Tescher, MPP'96, Career Achievement Award Recipient; Jaime Bellolio, MPP'10, Rising Star Award Recipient; David Garcia-Junco, AM'95 and Gerardo de la Pena, MPP'01, CC DuBois Alumni Service Award Recipients
2017 Alumni Awards
2017 Alumni Awards: Career Achievement award winner Congressman Mike Quigley, MA’85; Rising Star award winner Lorrie Frasure-Yokley, MPP’01; MiPPS 15th Anniversary Alumni award winner Monica E. Horton, MPP’01; and Colm O'Muircheartaigh, Professor and former Dean of Harris.
2016 Alumni Awards
2016 Alumni Awards: Dean's Award winner Ivo Daalder; Career Achievement award winner Anne Richard AM'84; Rising Star award winner Elizabeth Kneebone, MPP'03; Dean Daniel Diermeier; and Alumni Council President Chad Williams.
2015 Alumni Awards
2015 Alumni Awards: Career Achievement award winner Hilarie Kaplow-McAdams, AM'87, and Rising Star award winner Lisa Ellman, MPP'05, listen as they are honored for their achievements.
2014 Alumni Awards
2014 Alumni Awards: Dean Colm O'Mercheartaigh; Rising Star Beth Swanson, MPP'02; Dean's Award winner Mayor Karen Freeman-Wilson; Career Achievement awardee Dan Tangherlini, AB'90, AM'91.