Student ambassadors provide a first-hand perspective about what it's like to be a student at Harris Public Policy. Learn about their passion for public policy and Harris. Connect with one today.

Team Harris is a select group of student ambassadors who share their perspective and experiences at Harris Public Policy. They are representative of the Harris student body and passionate about their areas of study as well as their experience at Harris.

Team Harris members are available to meet in person or to talk with prospective students on the phone or online. They also host coffee chats when prospective students visit campus

Meet Team Harris

S. Tiffany Kwak, Class of 2018

S. Tiffany Kwak, Class of 2018, Master of Public Policy

Policy interests include: Urban Policy and Planning

"I am focused on studying urban policy and planning, specifically topics related to public-private partnership structures, government innovation, and economic development. Joining the Harris family after working for more than five years in the private sector was an opportunity for me not only to build new skills to use in my next career but also to learn more about myself and my goals as a future policymaker."

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Sally (Ji-Seon) Park, Class of 2018, Master of Public Policy

Policy interests include: Economic Policy

“I wanted to study how to reduce poverty in developing countries through economic development but didn’t know exactly how. Harris has helped me to figure out the methods of achieving my goal with abundant resources and great people. I feel much more prepared and motivated to pursue my dream.” 

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Tyler Barron, Class of 2018

Tyler Barron, Class of 2018, Master of Public Policy

Policy interests include: Environmental and Science Policy

Tyler's interest in public policy comes from a desire to create change on the federal level through direct lobbying initiatives. "Harris' commitment to creating well-rounded policy professionals is what attracted me to the program in the first place. As policy initiatives at the federal level begin to demand a more quantitative approach, I feel confident in my abilities to lead the charge in creating much needed legislative solutions thanks to my education at Harris!"

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Peter Biava, Class of 2019

Peter Biava, Class of 2019, Master of Public Policy and Master of Business Administration

Policy interests include: Economic Development

“I want to study the impact of the development of the private sector in emerging economies and learn what policy tools can be used to make that more efficient. It's interesting to me because my parents emigrated to the United States from Colombia during the 1980s, a very dangerous and tumultuous time in Colombia’s history, yet 30 years later, Colombia is now a popular tourist destination and most of the inherent danger in urban areas has subsided.”

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Xiofan Liu, Class of 2018

Xiaofan Liu, Class of 2018, Master of Public Policy

Policy interests include: Economic Development

"Before I came to Harris, I didn’t really know what I was truly interested in or what I wanted to do in the future. All of my fantastic Harris experiences has helped me to focus on my policy interests! I’d love to share it with prospective students."

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Asia Canady, Class of 2019

Asia Canady, Class of 2019, Master of Public Policy

Policy interests include: Education, Crime, Community Development and Political Organizations

I am a teacher by profession and while in that role I saw firsthand the interactions of communities, schools, and the built environment. I chose Harris because I wanted to learn more about those relationships and how to create responsive, just, and equitable living and learning environments for students of color. 

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Laurel Harnett, Class of 2019

Laurel Harnett, Class of 2019, Master of Public Policy

Policy interests include: Child and Family policy

Prior to coming to Harris, I interned as a court-appointed advocate for neglected and abused children. I knew I wanted to make an impact on a much broader scale and that a public policy degree could provide the tools necessary to do so. Irving B. Harris’s legacy alone is a source of confidence and reassurance that Harris is the perfect environment for me to gain hands-on skills and apply them to make a meaningful difference.

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Emma Nechamkin, Class of 2019

Emma Nechamkin, Class of 2019, Master of Science in Computational Analysis and Public Policy

Policy interests include: Urban Policy

I'm interested in how we can use big data to improve urban policy. As a CAPP student, I'm at the intersection of using big data for public policy and have been able to marry an ambition to improve the inner city with a love of numbers and analysis. CAPP is cutting edge and unique, and I feel lucky every day to be in the program.

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Grace Geremias, Class of 2019

Grace Geremias, Class of 2019, Masters of Arts in Public Policy

Policy interests include: Health Policy

Having worked directly with families and individuals in social welfare programs, I've noticed the need to create impactful change not only for the individual but also, on a policy level. I look forward to gaining the analytical skills, program evaluation tools, and microeconomic understanding that can develop this change.

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