What is the difference between the Evening Master's Program and the full-time Master of Public Policy (MPP) degree?

The Evening Master's Program (EMP) is designed for working professionals to complement an existing degree and/or work experience. It provides an understanding of public policy and policy analysis that is increasingly important for businesses and non-profit leaders and government officials to understand in order to advance in their career.

Those interested in the EMP are typically professionals seeking to understand or influence the impact of public policy on their organization. This includes emerging leaders in business, law, consulting, or government who want to gain a broader perspective on public policy as they take on more leadership responsibility as well as those in the social sphere who want the fundamental understanding of public policy, advocacy and data analytics to demonstrate the impact of their programs and influence policy or legislation.

In contrast, our Master of Public Policy (MPP) degree provides a deeper-dive in public policy over the course of two years that is focused on rigorous modeling and analysis. Students in the MPP program learn how to develop solutions to complex policy problems. Graduates of our MPP program go on to work as policymakers, managers, analysts, business and non-profit leaders in government, nonprofit and international organizations, consulting firms, and the private sector.

Our Degree Comparison page offers more detailed information.