Jiang aims to use his MPP skills to improve the lives of Taiwanese citizens.
Headshot of Tony Jiang
Tony Jiang

Growing up in Taipei, Taiwan, Tony Jiang, MPP Class of 2025, found himself drawn to the complexities of politics and the roles countries play on the world stage. "Both of my parents practiced law, and I was close with my uncle, who navigated the intricacies of Taiwanese politics. These experiences definitely spurred my interest in business and policy."

In fact, Jiang said he first realized the importance of policy and government when he worked on resolving a social housing problem with his uncle. "A construction company had utilized loopholes that left the building unsafe, and after months of effort, we finally held the company accountable. That experience allowed me to see the flaws in policy, and seeing the residents’ thankful faces remains a constant reminder of how crucial it is to create effective policies."

Jiang went on to earn his bachelor of business administration from National Taiwan University. "After an internship with Deloitte and a scholar program at McKinsey in Taipei, along with a victorious case competition with J.P. Morgan, I was really leaning into my business interests.” However, Nancy Pelosi's visit to Taiwan in 2022—which coincided with Jiang's internship at the Ministry of Foreign Affairs—changed that.

Jiang said his internship at the Ministry of Foreign Affairs had already expanded his scope of interest from local politics to foreign affairs, but Pelosi's visit was a watershed moment for him. "Taiwan struggled with international recognition, especially during our effective management of the COVID-19 crisis. We were often left on the fringe, unheard in forums where we could have offered valuable insight. Pelosi's visit cast light on Taiwan's role in the global dialogue, which was critical. For me, it reaffirmed the value and promise of international relations." 

Jiang also said that meeting with congressional delegations from the U.S. and discussing chip shortages highlighted the role of technology in assisting allies.

"However, I also saw that our challenges were multifaceted, multiformed, and filled with a complexity that I’m not yet able to resolve."

This desire to seek resolution to these challenges led Jiang to The University of Chicago Harris School of Public Policy. "The rapid advancements in AI and technology highlighted a gap I saw between the tech world and policymaking. At Harris, I can gain the hands-on experience and quantitative skills to help fulfill my goal of bettering Taiwan on a global scale through public policy—be it focused on technology, business, or consulting."

His coursework thus far, Jiang said, has had layers of familiarity from his undergraduate experience in statistics, analytical politics, and microeconomics "but to a much greater depth and with much richer nuance." As for future academic opportunities, Jiang said, "I'd like to take a class on municipal finance and metropolitan governance with Professor Chris Berry, as I have read many of his online articles. I'm also eager to learn from Professor Chris Blattman, given his expertise on conflict resolution and war." Outside of academics, Jiang serves as a Harris Ambassador, a Fellow Ambassador for former Mayor Lori Lightfoot at the Institute of Politics, and as a Board Member of the Harris Impact Investing Club.

"I'm excited to see what happens during my time at Harris," Jiang said. "I believe my commitment to public service, on both the grassroots and international level, will benefit immensely from the holistic education Harris provides."