Krisinda Doherty
Krisinda Doherty

As the director of the increasingly popular Evening Master’s Program (EMP) at the University of Chicago Harris School of Public Policy, Krisinda Doherty understands firsthand what it’s like to build a high-quality program to help busy professionals acquire advanced training in policy.  

Despite the program’s initial success and expansion to include a Spring cohort this academic year, though, she doesn’t claim to have all the answers. She believes learning from her peers and other programs across the country is crucial as she works to shape the EMP and deliver the unique kinds of support part-time evening policy students can most benefit from.   

That’s why Doherty jumped at the chance to participate at the recent 2019 Network of Schools of Public Affairs and Administration (NASPAA) Annual Conference. As part of a panel entitled “Part-Time Study: Creating Programs That Work for Working Professionals,” Doherty shared insights with her peers, including how the EMP is able to help part-time EMP students exist comfortably within a broader Harris community, even though the cohort is housed downtown, away from the University of Chicago’s Hyde Park campus and Harris’ home, Keller Center, in the Woodlawn neighborhood.  

Doherty also shared the importance of approaching her work with a “mindset of compassion,” recognizing the demands on students’ time, which in the case of EMP often includes families and full-time jobs.   

“Our program is guided by the broader Harris mission to make a social impact, which for me is about empowering EMP students to take on the challenges of leadership in Chicago,” Doherty explained. “While I know that the strength of our Academic and Student Affairs team sets our program apart, I took away several great ideas from my counterparts to consider implementing. We all share a common belief that unites us – the decision to pursue a degree does not mean that students should have to put their lives on hold.” 

During the conference, Doherty also had the chance to attended panels on diversity and inclusion, making the most of the opportunity to understand how to advance equity in the EMP through learning from other schools’ challenges and applying their insights.   

Jeremy Edwards
Jeremy Edwards

“I’m thrilled that Krisinda represents Harris as a leader within our industry. While I’d put our program, team, and experience up against anyone, we all know that our students have a lot to gain from us talking to our peers,” said Jeremy Edwards, Senior Associate Dean, Academic and Student Affairs. “It’s incredibly gratifying to watch members of our team take an active role in the industry, and for our programs and individual team members to be recognized.”

In addition to Doherty’s presence and work at NASPAA, other notable highlights from Harris Academic & Student Affairs involvement in the higher education community include:  

  • Brandon Kurzweg, Assistant Dean of Students, Student Life, was recognized with the 2019 Award of Outstanding Service to the Commission from the Commission for Student Involvement of the American College Personnel Association (ACPA).  He also serves as the ACPA’s Volunteer Coordinator of the Convention Planning team, 2018-2019 and Vice Chair of the Commission for Student Involvement, 2018-2019. 
  • Milvia Rodriguez, the Associate Director of Student Affairs, Academic Advising and Financial Aid,is the 2019 The Marlene F. Richman Award winner, recognizing a University of Chicago staff member who demonstrates the highest levels of dedication, care, and compassion in the service of students.
  • Tempris Daniels, Assistant Director of the Evening Master’s Program, serves on the Commission for Student Involvement (CSI) Leadership Team within ACPA as the Vice-Chair of Assessment and Research.
  • Members of the Academic and Student Affairs team presented to the NASPA Region IV-East Conference. This group included Kurzweg, as well as Rodriguez, Jen Lombardo, Assistant Dean of Students: Academic Services and Advising, and Melvin Harris, Associate Director of Student Affairs, Registration and Enrollment.
  • Rodriguez, Lombardo and Doherty presented at the 2018 ACPA annual conference in Boston.