Confronting COVID-19

The partnership has resulted in one million pieces of PPE donated to Chicago first responders and essential workers.
Assistant Professor Steve Cicala and his co-authors used hourly electricity data and daily cell phone data to measure changes in mobility and quantify the effects of COVID=19 shutdowns on emissions, pollution, and deaths from these environmental factors.
The data reveals that politics is the overwhelming force dividing Americans in their level of support for these policies, with how households have been economically impacted by the COVID-crisis so far playing only a minimal role.
Upended by the COVID-19 crisis, the University of Chicago Harris School of Public Policy had scratched its spring quarter Study Abroad Program—including the course in Barcelona with Prof. Christopher Berry and Assoc. Prof. Anthony Fowler.
Dean Katherine Baicker and Professor Oeindrila Dube work with an international team to highlight behavioral approaches toward combating bias and fake news, increasing cooperation, and coping with stress and isolation.
For Professor Dan Black, the speed of the current economic shutdown is what makes the future so cloudy.