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Transitions Series

We developed a series of “Transitions” webinars to provide insights and skills to guide you in your career development. We suggest you begin your journey by viewing our webinar with Dorie Clark, an expert at self-reinvention and change management.  

“Reinventing You” with Dorie Clark

Dorie Clark is a marketing strategy consultant, professional speaker, frequent contributor to HBR, and author of three books, including Reinventing You: Define Your Brand, Imagine Your Future. During our wide-ranging discussion Dorie provided enlightening stories and actionable advice on important topics:

  • How to do a personal “inventory” to uncover hidden strengths
  • How to converse at networking events
  • Ideas to develop strong communication skills
  • How to “stand out” and be credible in a busy digital world

Watch Dorie Clark's "Reinventing You" (1 hour).

View Dorie's free self-assessment workbook.

The Transitions series also includes the following webinars on leadership and management, communications, and data. 

Leadership and Management

“Leadership and Life Hacks” with Alyssa Rapp

Alyssa is the author of Leadership and Life Hacks: Insights from a Mom, Wife, Entrepreneur and Executive. Alyssa is the CEO of Surgical Solutions and one of Crain Chicago’s “Notable Women in Health Care.” She taught courses at both the Stanford School of Business and the University of Chicago’s Booth School of Business.  

Hear Alyssa discuss:

  • How to manage the fear of going through transitions and change
  • How to manage mentor, mentee, and other professional relationships
  • Ideas to manage schedules, and work-life and leadership issues

Watch "Leadership and Life Hacks" with  Alyssa Rapp (1 hour).

“Women’s Leadership in the Workplace” with McKinsey partner Irina Starikova

Each year McKinsey reports on their research with LeanIn.org, and the data collected from almost 600 companies and more than a quarter of a million people. The research shows it is not the “glass ceiling” keeping women from the top level of leadership, but the “broken rung” at the bottom of the corporate ladder. 

The webinar includes a discussion of the following topics:

  • Promotion rates, progress of women in the C Suite, and why it is important for women to occupy the highest levels
  • The data showing the barriers and lack of progress for women of color
  • How to fix the “broken rung” so that more women move to management roles, including how to create awareness in the workplace using the McKinsey data

Watch "Women’s Leadership in the Workplace" with Irina Starikova (1 hour).

“The Art of Excellence: An Entrepreneur, Executive Recruiter and Podcaster Shares His Insights”  with Glenn Zweig

Glenn shares his transitioning insights from his strategy work at The Walt Disney Company, as a business and marketing executive at multiple technology companies, Silicon Valley CEO, real estate developer, investment advisor with Goldman Sachs, to his current position as executive recruiter at Egon Zehnder. 

Hear Glen discuss:

  • Why your mindsets about risk and failure are critical to making transitions
  • The importance of curiosity and the role reframing plays in career success
  • How Glenn and his company assess talent, and how you can navigate interviews and transitions in a virtual environment 

Watch "The Art of Excellence" with Glenn Zweig (1 hour).

“The Gray Rhino: Why We Ignore Obvious Problems and How to Act on Them” with Michele Wucker

Michele Wucker is a speaker, strategist, and author of The Gray Rhino: How to Recognize and Act on The Obvious Dangers We Ignore.  She coined the term “gray rhino” to describe obvious risks that are “neglected despite – indeed, often because of their size and likelihood.” Our conversation focused on her career transitions, leadership, managing through ambiguity, global economics, the pandemic, and policy making. 

Listen to learn:

  • Why finding purpose in your work is important, especially for leaders managing ambiguity and uncertainty
  • Insights on biases that hinder and help policy-making 
  • How and why she created the concept of the "gray rhino", and its impact on markets, global challenges, and world leaders

Watch “The Gray Rhino: Why We Ignore Obvious Problems and How to Act on Them” with Michele Wucker  (1 hour).

Leadership and Communication

“Getting Your Message Heard Amid All the Covid-19 Noise” with Paul Rand and Mark Peters

The pandemic has unleashed a flood of information, analysis, and public policy recommendations. Learn how you can get your message to “break through” with Paul Rand, the Vice President for Communications at the University of Chicago, and Mark Peters, the Senior Director of Content at the University of Chicago. Our speakers share their insights on how narrative can serve as a powerful and critical tool for policymakers. 

Listen to learn:

  • How to “grab” and maintain the attention of your audience
  • Examples of stories that created policy change and the elements that made those stories powerful
  • The principles of persuasion and examples of persuasive narratives

Watch “Getting Your Message Heard Amid All the Covid-19 Noise” with Paul and Mark  (1 hour).

“Crisis Management” with Daniel Diermeier 

Daniel Diermeier, the thirteenth Provost of the University of Chicago and ninth chancellor of Vanderbilt University, is an internationally renowned political scientist, management scholar, and crisis management expert. The current pandemic has demonstrated  that even experienced professionals can be overwhelmed by crisis situations. In this webinar, Daniel offers advice and answers questions about the unprecedented challenges presented by managing Covid-19 and other crises. 

His advice includes:

  • Details about the four major factors that influence stakeholder trust, which are important for policy decision makers
  • How to authentically communicate both competence and warmth with examples to overcome fear and lack of information
  • How to use crisis as an innovation tool 

Watch "Crisis Management" with Daniel Diermeier  (1 hour).

Leadership and Data

“Data Science to the Rescue: Identifying those most vulnerable to Covid-19” with Kurt Waltenbaugh and David Johnson

Kurt is a serial entrepreneur who has built successful analytic solutions, products, and companies in a wide variety of industries. His previous companies were sold to Oracle and Pearson Education. Dave, a former healthcare investment banker, is the CEO of a boutique thought leadership company, and the author of two books about healthcare. His most recent book is The Customer Revolution in Healthcare: Delivering Kinder, Smarter, Affordable Care for All.

The webinar includes a discussion of the following topics:

  • Carrot Health’s critical infection risk dashboard that policymakers can use to predict Covid-19 spread and allocate medical resources
  • The evolution of data science
  • The use of data analytics in healthcare
  • The privacy of personal health information in the “Big Data” era
  • The need and potential for transformative healthcare change

Watch Data Science to the Rescue with Kurt and David (1 hour).