This workshop meets on Wednesdays from 3:30-4:50 p.m. in Room 1022 - The Keller Center, 1307 E. 60th Street in Chicago. The faculty organizers are Ingvil Gaarder, Yana Gallen and Peter Ganong.

To receive regular updates about the workshops, please email Cynthia Taylor ([email protected]).

Spring 2019 Workshops

Apr 3

Attila Lindner (University College London)

"Reallocation and the Minimum Wage - Evidence from Germany"

Apr 10

Richard Blundell (University College London)

Apr 17

V. Joseph Hotz (Duke University)

Apr 24

Amanda Pallais (Harvard University)

May 1

Nicholas Sanders (Cornell University)

May 8

Fabian Lange (McGill University)

May 15

Emi Nakamura (University of California-Berkeley)

"Housing Wealth Effects: The Long View"

May 22

Henrik Kleven (Princeton University)

"The EITC and the Extensive Margin:  A Reappraisal"

May 29

Robert Moffitt (Johns Hopkins University)


Jun 5

Patrick Kline (University of California-Berkeley)


Jun 12

David Atkin (Massachusetts Institute of Technology)

"How Do We Choose Our Identity?  A Revealed Preference Approach Using Food Consumption"


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