At the intersection of policy and markets, Harris Public Policy and the University of Chicago Booth School of Business offer a combined degree program leading to the MPP and MBA degrees.

This joint degree program allows students who want to make an impact on public policy issues to gain leadership and management skills. Graduates earn both a master of public policy from Harris and a master of business administration from Chicago Booth, and will be ready to assume leadership roles in government, NGOs, and related policy and consulting organizations.

Program Details


27 graduate-level courses (2700 units of credit) to earn an MPP and an MBA in a total of three years. Both degrees must be awarded in the same quarter.

At Harris Public Policy:

  • Students in this program take the seven required Harris core courses (below) plus six electives for a total of 13 courses (1300 units of credit), instead of the usual 18, with Harris. Ten of the 13 courses must be public policy (PPHA) courses.  The Harris core provides a foundation in critical analysis, reflecting Harris's belief that mastering quantitative and analytical skills prepares students to be effective public policy leaders:
    • PPHA 30800 Analytical Politics I: Strategic Foundations

    • PPHA 31002 or PPHA 31200 Statistics for Data Analysis I

    • PPHA 31102 or PPHA 31300 Statistics for Data Analysis II:  Regressions

    • PPHA 31600 Analytical Politics II: The Policymaking Process

    • PPHA 31920 Decisions and Organizations

    • PPHA 32300, 32310, or 44100 Principles of Microeconomics and Public Policy I

    • PPHA 32400, 32410, or 44200; Principles of Microeconomics and Public Policy II

At Chicago Booth:

  • Students also take 14 courses (1400 units of credit) with Chicago Booth. 
Other Requirements

Students who wish to participate in this program must be admitted to both Harris and Chicago Booth. Students already admitted to one of the Schools may apply during their first quarter for admission to the other.  Other requirements include:

  • A cumulative GPA of 2.7 for all courses, based on a 4.0 scale, for all courses used toward the MPP degree

  • A grade of C- or better for the 7 core courses

  • Completion of the math requirement (support available)

    • Pass algebra exam

    • Pass calculus exam

  • No more than 2 reading/research, independent study, or internship courses

  • No more than 1 course taken Pass/Fail

  • Courses with grades of F, I, W, or with no reported grade do not apply toward course requirement for the program.

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