Certificate in Municipal Finance

Gain the skills to diagnose and manage state and local government finances.
Gain the skills to diagnose and manage state and local government finances.

The Certificate in Municipal Finance prepares students for careers with local and state governments as well as private-sector financial and consulting firms. Students will gain in-depth expertise in the process, politics, and economics of public revenue and expenditure decisions and learn the practices and techniques of modern financial administration and the operation of the municipal securities market. Such policy expertise is essential for raising, spending, and borrowing money to provide basic local government services, as well as for tackling many pressing municipal problems that are dependent on resources provided by the budget, such as funding public pensions and health care.

Students who complete this certificate will be able to:

  • Understand how U.S. states and local governments raise revenue and make expenditure decisions
  • Analyze the economic impacts of fiscal choices made by states and localities
  • Develop a working knowledge of the process and roles of market participants in issuing municipal bonds
  • Analyze creditworthiness of municipal borrowers

The certificate's menu of electives is designed to allow students to explore related issues in budgeting, finance, and fiscal policy. In addition, we encourage students pursuing this certificate to participate in events sponsored by the Center on Municipal Finance which bring a mix of private, public, and nonprofit sector stakeholders to campus. These events may include short courses, seminars, and workshops in budgeting, accounting, finance, and fiscal policy; the annual Municipal CFO Forum; alumni networking events; and other programs.

Harris certificates function as areas of specialization within the degree. Certificates assume knowledge of the 6-course Harris Core and build upon that foundation with coursework in specific policy areas or technical skills.

Application Process

The certificate is open to Harris Public Policy graduate students only. Please indicate your intent to pursue this certificate using the Harris Certificate Application Form.

For certificate registration questions, please reach out to harrisregistration@uchicago.edu.

Planning for the Certificate

For information on which quarter(s) each course will be offered see the Harris Courses page and filter by certificate. For courses offered by other divisions the typical quarter(s) offered has been indicated.

Certificate Requirements

The certificate requires completion of two required courses, along with one additional elective course. Students must achieve at least a B- grade in each course. No certificate course may be taken on a pass/fail grading basis. Students should complete the formal signup process to indicate their intention to pursue the certificate.

Required courses

Students must complete the following course:

Elective courses

Students must complete two of the following courses to fulfill the requirement:

Students may propose additional elective courses with substantial municipal finance contents. Proposals will be considered on a case-by-case basis.

Certificate Contact

Justin Marlowe, Certificate Director