Fall 2021: Accomondations for students unable to participate in person

What is Harris doing to accommodate students who are unable to participate in-person courses in the Autumn Quarter?

We will plan to offer some sections of each first year Core class in a virtual format for students who are unable to attend courses in person due to visa delays, travel bans, or health issues.

We will also accommodate returning students who are unable to participate in person due to visa issues, travel bans, or health issues. However, most Harris elective courses offer only one section, so we may not always be able to accommodate time zone considerations in elective classes and the way that students participate virtually will vary between courses. 

We know that our students may be located in many different time zones during the Autumn Quarter. While it is difficult to find times to offer courses and co-curricular programming at times that work for all students, we have taken time zones into consideration in our plans where possible.

We will survey students in late July or early August to determine which students are likely to need to participate remotely in their Autumn Quarter courses.

Specific details about which course sections will be offered virtually will be shared in early August.  

Fall 2021: Instruction FAQ 21-22 course offerings

When will the full 2021-22 Harris course offerings be set?

We plan to release the full year’s course schedule to students and have it available on the Harris website in August. Some additional winter or spring courses may be added to the schedule after the initial schedule.

Fall 2021: Instruction FAQ autumn quarter syllabi

When will autumn quarter syllabi be available?

Instructors will submit updated syllabi for their autumn quarter courses by mid-August. The syllabi will be posted to the Harris courses page in advance of Harris pre-registration, which will begin Tuesday, September 7.

Fall 2021: Instruction FAQ meeting times

When will I know the exact meeting times for my autumn quarter Core courses?

Most Core courses have multiple sections for students to choose from. We plan to release the schedule of available sections in August. Students will get to request enrollment in their preferred sections when pre-registration opens on Tuesday, September 7. Students will find out which core sections they have been successfully enrolled in the following week. Students can then make changes to their course enrollments when registration opens on September 20.

Remote class availability

I’m a returning student who will not be able to attend in-person in the fall. What classes will be available to me?

Most autumn quarter Harris courses will have a virtual option. We plan to work with each instructor to support them in offering a virtual option. Most Harris autumn elective courses will be “dual modality” meaning virtual and in person students will participate in the same section at the same time. Courses will be taught at times convenient for the Chicago time zone. Most courses will require real-time participation, so if you are in a time zone that is very different from Chicago you should be aware of whether a class requires real-time participation.

We will send returning students a list of autumn elective courses that includes details about the meeting time, modality, and participation requirements for each course in advance of pre-registration, which begins on September 7, 2021. 

Remote class indication

How do I indicate that I want to take only remote courses?

We sent a survey to all returning students on July 12 asking whether they will have any barriers to participating in person. Students should indicate in that survey that they can only take remote courses in the autumn quarter.

Remote courses Winter/Spring

Will Harris continue to offer remote courses in the winter 2022 and spring 2022 quarters?

We have not yet determined whether we will offer virtual options in the winter 2022 and spring 2022 quarters.  That decision will be based on factors such as visa availability and travel restrictions closer to the start of those quarters. At present, we assume that we will be back to fully in-person operations by winter quarter, with all students expected to attend classes on-campus.