Are you interested in applying for our Data and Policy Summer Scholars Program? We frequently receive requests for tips from eager applicants searching for opportunities to strengthen their application, as well as students who are concerned about specific aspects of their application. Below we have share six helpful tips for your application.

Learn about Harris  

At Harris Public Policy, we offer a variety of programs and degrees, each with different features and application requirements. We encourage applicants to learn about the opportunities of each program. You can learn more about Harris by from our school website, program website, and by taking a virtual tour

Start Early

Don’t wait until the last weekend to start your application. Give yourself plenty of time to start and work through the application. We know the process requires a lot of time and energy - pace yourself and be mindful of the deadlines for each session. Starting early also gives yourself time to reach out to us if you have questions.

One Step at a Time 

Focus on one piece of the application at a time. It can be overwhelming to think of thoughtful essays as well gather transcripts all at once. Breaking the application into manageable pieces allows you to be intentional with your responses and better share your story with us. You can refer to the FAQs when you are working through each section.

Academic Diversity 

Harris is known for developing leaders who want to acquire a strong analytical toolkit to make evidence-based decisions. Some students are attracted to this reputation, while other students are concerned they do not have the quantitative skills to be successful. As you can see in our program alumni profiles, students from diverse academic background can be successful in the program. Whether you’re an economics major with a foundation in statistics or a liberal arts student with strong critical thinking, we encourage you to highlight your key strengths. Use your resume to highlight related experiences such as research projects or programming experience.

Commitment to Community 

We want to see applicants who are excited to dive into both the curriculum at Harris as well as the opportunities available in the surrounding UChicago community. This program offers opportunities for professional development and campus life activities. We want to hear how you will take advantage of the unique opportunities at UChicago and get involved with the community.

Be Yourself

Be authentic in your motivation statement and essay - this is the best way to tell us your story. Tell us know your passions, professional goals, and the unique attributes that you will bring to the program. At Harris, we believe those with the passion and the dedication to better themselves to learn the science of public policy, rooted in data and impact, will be successful students and future leaders.

Stay in Touch

The Admissions Office is eager to get to know you and help you thorough the duration of the admissions process. Whether you have a question about the application, the program or the city of Chicago, we are available to assist you. Email us at [email protected].