Listen to five podcasts that helped to shape our thinking this year, highlighting some exceptional work from the Harris community.

In 2017, we listened to incredible podcasts from our Radio Harris and Day One series sharing the ideas, thoughts and visions from many Harris faculty members, alumni, and students across a variety of topics, sectors, and policy issues.  

Today, as part of our Breaking Through series, we share the five most-played podcasts that helped to shape our thinking this year, highlighting some exceptional work from the Harris community over the last 12 months.

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International Impact

How do you change decades of military tradition? Does all conflict resolution have to be global? Hear from The Pearson Institute’s Chris Blattman, Harris alumna Kristen Hajduk (MPP ‘07), and Saeb Ahsan, second-year MPP student and Pearson Fellow, about how evidence is challenging the status quo in conflict and international development.

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Behind the Tax Divide 

Hear the story behind the Chicago Tribune's series that uncovered injustices hidden within the Cook County property tax system. Professor Christopher Berry explains how it all happened. 

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The Black-White Earnings Gap

In new research, Professor Kerwin Charles finds that the median African-American male holds the same position relative to the median white male as his grandfather did. But why? Charles discusses on Radio Harris.

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Chicago Homicides, Separating Fact from Fiction

In 2016, Chicago saw 762 murders. The University of Chicago Crime Lab, led by Harris' own Professor Jens Ludwig, is using hard analysis to figure out what’s really causing the violence, and what can be done about it.  Hear from Crime Lab research director, Max Kapustin, on its gun violence latest report. 

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Big Decisions, Down to a Science

Can you use data and economics to make choices about your love life, or whether to have children? Robert Michael, the founding dean of Harris Public Policy, discusses his new book: The Five Life Decisions: How Economic Principles and 18 Million Millennials Can Guide Your Thinking.

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