The award recognizes research on the design and implementation of public policy.
Luis Martinez
Assistant Professor Luis Martínez

Assistant Professor Luis Martínez received the Juan Luis Londoño Award, which recognizes a Colombian Economist under 40 for their academic contributions and policy impact. 

“Three cities occupy a special place in my career as an economist,” said Professor Martinez in his speech. “The third city is Chicago where the Harris Public Policy School opened doors for me and has given me an unsurpassable environment to carry out my work during the last seven years.”

Professor Martinez and Professors from the University of the Andes
Juan Camilo Cárdenas, Santiago Montenegro, Luis Martínez, Raquel Bernal and Marcela Eslava, Professors at the Universidad de Los Andes

He went on to thank his political economist colleagues, Ethan Bueno de Mesquita, William Howell, and Scott Ashworth, and those he describes as “people with an unlimited intellectual curiosity,” Steven Durlauf, Roger Myerson, and James Robinson. He also noted his friendship with Robinson and María Angélica Bautista, Martinez’s coauthor.

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