The Future of Municipal Finance Conference Series 1 Climate Adaptation

Thu., November 03, 2022 | 8:00 AM — 5:00 PM

The University of Chicago Gleacher Center
450 N. Cityfront Plaza Dr.
Chicago, IL 60611
United States

Sponsored By: Center for Municipal Finance

This conference will assemble a cross-industry and cross-disciplinary group of professionals focused on climate adaptation, green infrastructure, and other environmentally focused public infrastructure investments. The goal of the conference is to identify emerging best policies and practices for the practical challenges that surround capital investments in this space, including: data analytics, risk assessment, capital budgeting, financial disclosure, investor relations and others. Attendees will include state/local government officials, bankers, climate data scientists, policy experts, and many others. Future conference will explore the "S" and the "G."
Conference Organizers
Christopher Berry, Center for Municipal Finance
Tom Doe, Municipal Market Advisors
Shawn O'Leary, Nuveen
Justin Marlowe, Center for Municipal Finance
Alex Wallace, Loop Capital

Environmental, Social, and Governance (ESG) themed investing has moved from the fringe to the core of public finance. ESG-labeled municipal bonds have grown more than 750% over the last decade and are expected to total $500 billion outstanding by the end of the decade. This growth offers tremendous challenges, and opportunities, for the municipal finance industry.


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