Rene Bautista

Lecturer, Sr Research Methodologist, NORC


Rene Bautista, PhD is a Senior Methodologist in the Statistics and Methodology department at NORC-University of Chicago. His research focuses on nonresponse, measurement error, interviewer effects, mixed modes, and data collection methods. He has substantial experience with survey research designs, qualitative work, and advanced statistical analysis. During his tenure at NORC, he has contributed to the design and execution of major NORC projects. Previously, he worked at the Gallup Research Center at the University of Nebraska-Lincoln. Bautista has also consulted as Election Night Analyst with Edison Media Research --exclusive provider of exit polling data to ABC News, CBS News, CNN, Fox News, NBC News and the Associated Press. His work has been published in scholarly journals and books and he serves as a reviewer for leading journals in survey statistics and methodology. Bautista is a frequent speaker in major national and international conferences on survey methods. He has taught undergraduate and graduate level courses as well as seminars and workshops on Surveys Statistics and Survey Methods at various universities and federal agencies.