Associate Director, Employer Partnerships

About Christina Xu

Christina Xu works as the Associate Director of Employer Partnerships. She manages all facets of the relationship development with Chinese employers, securing internship and fulltime opportunities for Harris students, while growing and maintaining the Chinese employer portfolio. She also advises students on appropriate career management and job search skills, and provides opportunities for engagement between employers and students.

Prior to joining the Employer Partnerships team, Christina served as Finance Manager for Harris grant portfolio after transferring from the Chemistry Department at The University of Chicago. She worked with faculty and students on grants & contracts preparation, and submission; advised and assisted in budget development, financial reporting, and other relations and communications with funding agencies and subawardees. She was responsible for all post-award activities, including forecasting, reconciliation and monitoring all expenditures. Christina also guided faculty, staff and procurement specialists on policies and procedures for fulfilling all aspects of the procurement process. After graduating from business school, Christina was an International Product Development Manager. She developed a global sourcing strategy, led the new product development team on searching for new sources, recommended new product categories & pricing through extensive market analysis, and launched marketing campaigns through multiple channels. She managed the entire product development cycle and procurement process, and had extensive experience working with international partners.

Christina holds a Bachelor of Science in Management Information Systems from the Capital University of Economics & Business and a MBA from the University of Illinois at Urbana-Champaign with a dual concentration in Marketing and Finance.



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