The Public Policy practicum offers students a hands-on approach to the study of policy questions. Practicum students use a variety of research methods to address real-world problems facing clients in community-based organizations and government agencies. At the end of the practicum, students deliver a presentation and policy report to the client. To view past reports, presentation slides, and other products of practicum students, please visit the Chicago Policy Research Team (CPRT) site.

The requirement. Students must fulfill a two-quarter research program, either as a traditional two-quarter practicum sequence or through two separate courses. One of the quarters must be drawn from a “Methods” course, and the other quarter must be drawn from a “Windows” course, which is meant to provide a window from the ivory tower into the “real world.” 

Most students will fulfill this requirement through the traditional practicum, PBPL 26200-26300 Field Research Project in Public Policy I-II, which must be taken as a two-quarter sequence.

Alternatives to the traditional practicum can be drawn from the Methods and Windows courses listed in the Public Policy Studies entry in the current year College Catalog. In addition, students may petition the program director for permission to fulfill either their Methods or Windows requirement (or both) with courses that are not listed.