Learn to make social impact on a global scale. Combine training in public policy analytical tools with a broad analytic understanding of the political and economic dynamics of international relations.

Combine training in public policy analytical tools with a substantive emphasis on international affairs through our two-year Master of Arts in Public Policy and International Relations program.

Offered jointly by Harris Public Policy and the Committee on International Relations (CIR), the program results in two master of arts degrees—one in public policy and one in international relations.

Applicants interested in the dual MA program in International Relations and Public Policy Studies must apply separately to both the Committee on International Relations and to Harris.

Program Overview

The Harris MA degree program in public policy provides the fundamental understanding of public policy and analytics to complement their experience. It can be completed in one year.

Coursework in the one-year MA program offered by CIR provides a rigorous examination of the political, security, economic, social and cultural forces that shape international affairs. Formal distribution requirements are interdisciplinary and ensure that students receive a broad analytic understanding of the political and economic dynamics of international relations.

Program Details


At Harris Public Policy:

  • As a student, you will take five of the six core courses available to Master of Public Policy candidates and four electives, for a total of nine courses. Seven of the nine courses must be Harris Public Policy courses.

With CIR: 

  • You will also take a total of nine courses for the MA in international relations. The classes must be approved by your CIR advisors and preceptors, and will serve as the foundation for your required MA thesis.
Other Requirements

You must first matriculate in the master’s program with the Committee on International Relations prior to applying to Harris. You cannot be admitted to the master’s program at Harris in anticipation of CIR admittance or prior to joining the CIR program.


War Games

There's a calculus to conflict, and it's challenging the conventional wisdom about violence.


Why Harris Public Policy?

Why Harris Public Policy?

For more than a quarter century, the University of Chicago Harris School of Public Policy has been a top-ranked policy school driven by its mission to develop leaders who put evidence first. At Harris Public Policy, we work at the frontiers of data collection and analysis, using the latest social science methods to design policies that work for society. We collaborate across the private, public, and nonprofit sectors to make a positive social impact around the world.

As a Harris student, you won’t have to wait for graduation to start making a difference. From day one, Harris encourages you to turn your passion into proven, measurable results. Combining real-world engagement in Chicago and beyond, with the latest technology and social science, you’ll look at the world’s problems, challenge the easy answers, and confront the real issues by following the data.

At the University of Chicago, one of the world’s great intellectual destinations, you’ll join a community of scholars who share your drive for doing good. Using rigorous modeling and analysis, and supported by leading faculty who shape the field, you’ll uncover new perspectives on enduring issues and find fresh approaches that work. You'll graduate ready to make smarter, data-driven decisions that lead to the change you want to see.