UChicago's Arts + Public Life Celebrates the Arts Incubator’s Five Year Anniversary

Theaster Gates has been appointed Senior Advisor for Cultural Innovation and Advisor to the Dean.
Chris Berry

Professor Chris Berry Discusses New Findings on Cook County Property Tax Inequality

Following up on his research showing inequities in the Cook County property tax assessment system, Professor Chris Berry finds additional data to quantify the inequality.
Michael Greenstone

Professor Michael Greenstone Discusses Recent Efforts at Pollution Control

China's recent efforts to curb pollution have had a measured effect, and may result in longer lifespans.

Obama Foundation, University of Chicago Announce Obama Foundation Scholars Program

Following the announcement from the Obama Foundation and the University of Chicago, excitement builds for the Obama Foundation Scholars Program.
Ryan Kellogg

Professor Ryan Kellogg Discusses the Effects of the U.S. Shale Oil Boom

In the midst of record shale oil production, Ryan Kellogg looks at what that means (and doesn't mean) for energy independence.

Professor Bruce Meyer Discusses Potential Shift in SNAP Benefits

About 16.4 million people who receive federal Supplemental Nutrition Assistance Program (SNAP) benefits would not have a say in how to spend about half of their monthly benefits under President Donald Trump’s proposed budget for the 2019 fiscal year.

Professor Chris Berry Discusses Outside Policies to Keep Municipalities from Overpaying for Property

It is useful for governments like Philadelphia to get outside appraisals when they buy new property so they can be sure they're not overpaying, Berry says.
Amir Jina

Professor Amir Jina Discusses Climate Change in North Texas

2017 was a record year for draughts and other climate disasters, but studies show it's only going to get worse.

Dean Katherine Baicker Discusses the Challenges in Advancing Evidence-Based Healthcare

Evidence-based healthcare may seem hard because data is never simple.
Jens Ludwig

Professor Jens Ludwig Discusses New Approaches to Policing in Chicago

A new, Los Angeles-style type of policing may be reducing shootings in Chicago.