Is the GRE or GMAT required?

We understand  many students were not able to take standardized tests scheduled for Spring  2020 due to testing cancellations related to the COVID-19 pandemic. For the 2021 admission cycle, Harris is offering a test-optional admission process for all applicants—domestic and international. The policy is open to students who do not wish to share their scores and to students who are unable to take the GRE or GMAT.
Our test-optional policy applies to the four programs listed below.

*Please note that the GRE is required for PhD applicants.

Although this year is test-optional, we will accept and consider GRE or GMAT scores from students who have previously taken these exams. If you think the scores are reflective of your ability and potential, you may share the scores as part of your application for consideration. If you choose to provide GRE/GMAT scores as part of your application, you may submit self-reported (unofficial) scores for admission review. Please note, official scores must be provided upon accepting an offer of admission.

Please do not self-report scores if you do not wish them to be considered as part of your application profile.

(Note: Test scores are not required for the Evening Master's Program.)