PhD and Master of Arts with Certificate in Research Methods (MACRM)

In the PhD and MACRM programs, you will take three core courses in the fall term:

  • PPHA 44100 | Advanced Microeconomics for Policy Analysis I
  • PPHA 41501 | Game Theory
  • PPHA 42000 | Applied Econometrics I


Note that PhD students in the energy and environmental policy area of focus will take the Economics Department’s Core Price Theory PhD class in the fall rather than Harris’s Game Theory course (such students will cover game theory later in the academic year as part of the Department’s core microeconomics sequence). 

Delivery Method:

All three courses will use a “flipped classroom” model. Each week, students in each course will be asked to watch and engage with a pre-recorded lecture. These lectures will include a written transcript and will allow students to re-watch material that they are uncertain about as many times as they need. The lectures will also be integrated with exercises that will let students self-assess how well they understand the material and pre-feed questions into the live discussion sections.

Each course will have a 90-minute live discussion section, in which students and the instructor can discuss the pre-recorded lecture material and new material as well. These sections are being scheduled with an eye toward the time zones that students are likely to be in. Students will also have a live TA session each week, as well as instructor and TA office hours to get specific help. 

We will also supplement the PhD and MACRM coursework with opportunities for students and faculty to gather and engage in small groups, including in-person in the Keller Center for students who are interested in doing so.