From FOX 32 Chicago
William Howell, headshot
Harris Public Policy Professor William Howell

Harris Public Policy Professor William Howell was featured on FOX 32 Chicago, discussing his analysis of the challenges to democracy, explored in his new book Presidents, Populism, and the Crisis of Democracy.

"We need a set of institutions that can solve problems," Howell said. "And unless we have that, we're going to see rising levels of disaffection, we're going to see a public that's increasingly angry, and we're going to have an increasingly fragmented polity. We need to be able to make headway on solving problems in involving immigration in a serious-minded way, involving rising inequality, involving a health care system that right now is being laid bare for all of its inadequacies as we struggle to meet this pandemic. If we don't have a government that can solve problems and we have a public that expects it to do as much, we're in for a lot of trouble."

Full coverage available at FOX 32 ChicagoPresidents, Populism, and the Crisis of Democracy can be purchased on ebook at the University of Chicago Press, and paper copies are currently available for preorder wherever books are sold.