Sri Andini Handayani

Sri Andini Handayani, 27, works to strengthen data quality ranging from surveys on childhood violence to program’s monitoring and evaluation system develop evidence-based policies to protect children, particularly in Indonesia, the world’s largest island country and fourth largest country overall. She earned a BS in Human Structure and Function at The University of Melbourne and an MPH in Global Health from Boston University.

During the MPH program, Handayani discovered an interest in the governance side of healthcare. This interest led her to work as an associate for research, monitoring, and evaluation at the Center on Child Protection and Wellbeing and Governance and Democracy projects in Indonesia.

After completing the Obama Foundation Scholars Program, Handayani intends to return to Indonesia to ensure government protection for marginalized groups – including tribal communities and people stuck in the cycle of poverty, through collaboration with policymakers and development of sound evidence.

“[The Obama Foundation Scholars Program] will sharpen my ability to navigate complicated political settings to shift policy formation toward the principles of inclusivity and protection of vulnerable groups in our communities.”