A medical doctor and entrepreneur, Bonaventure Dzekem, 29, is passionate about healthcare policy. 

Driven by the limited access to basic healthcare services in impoverished and underserved communities, Dzekem co-founded a non-profit health facility in Cameroon called the Health Services Partner Cameroon (HSPC) Foundation Polyclinic. HSPC aims to improve financial access to healthcare through local health insurance plans, providing access to affordable and preventative healthcare to about 18,000 citizens to date. Meanwhile, Dzekem also established Keafon Health, an online platform for healthcare delivery that uses social media platforms to give patients access to physician advice and e-prescriptions for minor health issues without having to travel long distances.

“I live and work in a community where lots of people fall sick and die at home or turn to traditional means of treatment which they think is cheaper because they lack financial means for quality healthcare,” says Dzekem. “I am motivated and inspired to do more when I see people getting access to healthcare for a healthier and more productive community.

“My greatest wish is that through groundbreaking research and innovation, I will be able to contribute positively towards the development of better health policies in Cameroon, Africa and around the world.”