Masterclass with Eyal Frank

Thu., September 28, 2023 | 5:00 PM — 6:00 PM
Sponsored By: Office of Admissions

The University of Chicago Harris School of Public Policy is pleased to share our ongoing Masterclass series, featuring our world-renowned faculty and instructors to provide insight into their expertise and the classroom experience at Harris.

Join us for engaging, real-time class sessions with other prospective students to experience the Harris classroom. This series has been designed specifically for prospective full-time, part-time, and credential students interested in better understanding the unique UChicago Harris experience. 

In this Masterclass session, Assistant Professor Eyal Frank will present "The Economics and Policy of Biodiversity Management." An environmental economist, Frank works at the intersection of ecology and economics, addressing three broad questions: (i) how do natural inputs, namely animals, contribute to different production functions of interest, (ii) how do market dynamics reduce natural habitats and lead to declining wildlife population levels, and (iii) what are the costs, indirect ones in particular, of conservation policies. 

In his research, Frank uses natural experiments and econometric techniques to explore policy impacts on natural resources and biodiversity.