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Petition to Take a Course Pass/Fail

Fall 2021 Due Date: Monday, November 1 at 5:00pm

The option to take courses pass/fail is intended to encourage students to be ambitious in their course selection and not be deterred from taking a course out of concern for the grade they might earn. Students are expected to complete all assignments and attend all of the class meetings for courses that they take pass/fail, just as they would for any other class.

When taking a class pass/fail, if the student would have earned any grade above an “F” a “P” is entered in place of the regular grade. “P” grades do not impact a student’s GPA, but “F” grades count into the GPA as a zero.

The number of courses a student can take pass/fail differs by degree program. For example, MPP students can count two pass/fail courses toward their degree, but MA students can only take one course pass/fail. See your program’s degree requirements for details. In cases where a student takes more than the minimum number of courses required to earn the degree, courses not counted toward the degree can also be taken pass/fail.

Procedure for Taking a Course Pass/Fail

To take a Harris course pass/fail, students must complete and submit this Pass/Fail webform prior to the 6th week of the quarter

Harris instructors will be informed of which students are requesting to take their course pass/fail. In cases where a student has not been attending class or performing up to the expected level, the instructor may deny a students’ request to take the course pass/fail. If this happens, the student will be informed by his/her advisor.

Students may also be able to use the pass/fail option for courses taken in other divisions at the University of Chicago, subject to the school’s policies and/or instructor permission. Please note: Different divisions have different deadlines for electing to take a course pass/fail. For more information on declaring the pass/fail option outside of Harris, contact the academic office of the unit offering the course. In the case of cross-listed courses, pass/fail policies and procedures follow the policies and procedures of the “parent” division for the course, except for Law or Booth classes, in which case you'll only use this Harris pass/fail form as long as you're registered under the PPHA section.

Courses That Cannot Be Taken Pass/Fail:

  • Core courses
  • Practica and Policy Labs
  • Reading/Research courses, Independent Study (PPHA 52000)
  • Internship Courses (PPHA 50000)
  • Many certificate programs stipulate that courses taken toward the certificate cannot be taken pass/fail. See the requirements for each certificate program

Non-Harris Students Wishing to Take a Harris Course Pass/Fail

If you are a student in another division and you wish to take a Harris class pass/fail you should use this webform. Please inquire with your own home department/advisor to ensure that taking a course pass/fail will not negatively impact your degree progress.