Assistant Director of Marketing, Student Recruitment and Global Outreach

About Madison Zaccardelli

Madison Zaccardelli is the Assistant Director of Marketing, Student Recruitment and Global Outreach, at Harris School of Public Policy. She works closely with the rest of the Harris Admissions team, spending time on lead generation and moving potential students through the application process. Madison and the team create, execute, and distribute campaigns, events, and marketing materials to find candidates who will positively impact the public policy space.

Prior to joining the Harris team, Madison worked as Marketing Coordinator for Paper Source, where she planned and executed email, SMS, Meta, and Google campaigns in order to drive e-commerce and in-store revenue for the brand. She collaborated with vendors to ensure the smooth execution of campaigns, as well as working cross-functionally within Paper Source. Before this position, she worked in the executive recruiting industry as a Marketing Intern at Slayton Search Partners and coordinated socials for many of the executives as well as data and CRM management.

Madison received her B.S.B in digital marketing from DePaul University in 2020. As a pandemic graduate, she found a lot of value in leaning into her degree and finishing strong. During her time at DePaul, she was a member and president of the sorority Alpha Sigma Alpha, as well as Vice President of Standards for the Panhellenic Council.

Get to Know Madison

What is your favorite book?

A Wrinkle in Time by Madeleine L’Engle is my favorite book of all time. I love the artful way L’Engle describes time travel. Despite being a book that I first read 15 years ago, it stands the test of time (no pun intended). The sense of family, the outlandish adventure, and the incredible writing will never fail to impress me. This book is one I will be re-reading for the rest of my life.

What’s something you look forward to doing but haven’t gotten around to?

Staying at my great-grandmother’s home in Goriano Sicoli. My grandfather’s hometown of Goriano, which is in the mountains of Italy, had just been rocked by a major earthquake the last time that I visited. I was unable to stay at her house due to the damage, and I can’t wait to get back now that it is repaired and safe yet again!

What are your hobbies?

I like to think I dabble in a million different hobbies. I love picking something up and trying something new. From arts and crafts to reading and music, I have always had a love for the arts and my life would not be as rich without them. I love Marvel, Star Wars, and basically all things pop culture. It's not exactly a hobby, but I spend almost all of my time with my sweet 7-lb rescue chihuahua, Elliott. We read, snuggle, and go on long walks around our block together.

Ask Madison about:

  • Dog/Animal rescue
  • Music
  • Pop culture