We welcome guests to the panels and open forums during Harris Connect Weekend, but we understand that those with young children may want to explore other options. Below are a list of events that might be appealing to you and your little ones.

Please note: Alumni & guests are requested to make their own arrangements if they wish to attend the below events or visit places in Hyde Park.

Family Saturday at the Logan Center for the Arts

Family Saturday at the Logan Center for the Arts

Whether you’re planting a seed, creating a garden plot, or hiking through the woods; nature has a way of grounding us in things that truly matter. Learn to cultivate your green thumb and nurture growth.

The Oriental Institute

The Oriental Institute Museum makes accessible to the public many of the highlights of our large collection of artifacts from the ancient Middle East (10,000 BC – AD 650), including objects from ancient Egypt, Mesopotamia, Syro-Anatolia, Israel, Iran, and Nubia.

Many of the objects on display were excavated by University of Chicago archaeologists. Tickets to be purchased. 

Other places to visit in Hyde Park:

Smart Museum of Art

Hyde Park Art Center 

The DuSable Museum 

57th Street Books 

Bixler Park

Museum of Science and Industry 

Robie House Chicago