Join us this summer at the Peking University (PKU) campus in Beijing to take on an immersive learning journey with top PKU and UChicago faculty lectures, hands-on capstone project experience, and networking and field visit opportunities to leading organizations.

The 2024 PKU-UChicago Summer School offers three part-time in-person programs in Beijing: 

Whether you are preparing for graduate school, advancing your professional development, or expanding your network, the PKU-UChicago Summer School prepares you with tangible, in-demand skills from top scholars across the globe. Applications are now being accepted until May 28 for the summer of 2024!

International Policy Action Lab (IPAL)

Duration: July 8–August 2, 2024

Austin Wright

Course content: 

  • International policy
  • Policy research
  • Applied econometrics
  • Programming in Stata

IPAL is taught by Xuezheng Qin, Professor and Deputy Dean at PKU School of Economics, and Austin Wright, Assistant Professor at UChicago Harris.

“IPAL provided me with a solid foundation to prepare for greater challenges and boost my confidence for the MA in Public Policy with a Certificate in Research Methods program that I'm starting in the fall. IPAL benefits students seeking to establish a strong academic and technical foundation for postgraduate study, whether toward a PhD program in the future or a longer-term academic research path.”

—Peihu-Liu, IPAL’23, MACRM Class of 2025

Monetary Policy and International Finance Program (MPIF)

Tom Coleman
Tom Coleman

Duration: July 15–August 2, 2024

Course content:

  • The structure and effectiveness of modern national monetary systems
  • The role of central banks and commercial banks in China
  • Monetary policy making and its impact on national interest rates and foreign exchange rates
  • Banking Regulation and Innovation in China

MPIF is taught by Zefeng Chen, Assistant Professor at Guanghua School of Management, PKU, and Thomas Coleman, Senior Lecturer at UChicago Harris.

“The learning process was both fun and challenging. It was amazing to gain a full picture of the financial system. The professors emphasized that every question I had was important to understand the core concepts, which made me more confident and inspired me to grasp the coursework better.”

—Zhiang (Jason) Liu, MPIF’23, student at Peking University

Environmental Economics and Policy Lab (EEPL)

Shaoda Wang
Shaoda Wang

Duration: July 29–August 16, 2024

Course content:

  • Theoretical foundations of environmental economics
  • Sharing environmental energy policy in practice
  • Understanding and addressing environmental and energy issues in the context of development economic theory

EEPL is taught by Shaoda Wang, Assistant Professor at UChicago Harris.

“The class integrated real-world examples in policymaking, had a detailed curriculum, and included data-oriented graphs and information. My biggest takeaway from EEPL was the combination of classroom learning and experiential learning outside at a top university in the country.”

—Selene Diaz Martinez, EEPL’23, MA Candidate at the University of New Mexico


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