Lead in a dynamic field that affects industry and individuals from the community to the global scale.

Health policy has monumental impact on societies, locally, nationally and around the world. Policymaking in this field must weigh factors ranging from child welfare to employment law, the national economy to breakthroughs in medicine and care. The Harris Health Policy Certificate is designed to provide students with the background, concepts and tools necessary to understand and address pressing health policy problems.

Students who complete this certificate will be able to:

  • Understand the economic, human capital and governmental inputs forces that influence the production and consumption of health resources
  • Articulate how regulatory bodies affect decisions by individuals, providers and payers
  • Analyze the efficacy of the Affordable Care Act, Medicaid expansion, medical savings accounts, medical specialization, pharmaceutical innovations, health maintenance organizations and behavioral nudges.

The certificate's menu of electives is designed to allow students to explore the multiple disciplines and fields that speak to domestic and international health challenges, such as the organization and regulation of health care provision, influential international actors such as the Gates Foundation, public finance, behavioral science and program evaluation. In addition, we encourage students pursuing this certificate to participate in events sponsored by the Center for Health and the Social Sciences and the Harris Health Policy Student Association that bring scholars and practitioners to campus.

Application Process

The certificate is open to any University of Chicago graduate student. Harris students please indicate your intent to pursue this certificate using the Harris Certificate Application Form. If you are a non-Harris student and intend to complete the requirements for the Health Policy certificate please submit the Harris Certificate Application for Non-Harris Students to indicate you are pursuing this certificate. 

Planning for the Certificate

For information on which quarter(s) each course will be offered see the Harris Courses page and filter by certificate. For courses offered by other divisions the typical quarter(s) offered has been indicated.

Certificate Requirements

The certificate requires completion of three certificate courses. No certificate course may be taken on a pass/fail basis. 

Required courses

Students must complete one of the following courses to fulfill the requirement:

  • PPHA 37520 / SSAD 47522 U.S. Health System and Policy (Only open to GPHAP students.)
  • PPHA 38300 Health Economics

Elective courses

Students must complete two of the following courses to fulfill the requirement:

  • PPHA 37710 Medicaid: Understanding the Public Policy of a Federal-State Partnership
  • PPHA 37302 / SSAD 46622 Key Issues in Health Care: An Interdisciplinary Case Studies Approach (Only open to GPHAP students.)
  • PPHA 37720 / PBHS 35500 U.S. Health Policy and Politics. 
  • PPHA 37820 Health Care Markets and Regulation
  • PPHA 39510 Food and Drug Law and Policy (cross-listed with Law)
  • PPHA 60000 Policy Lab (Health Policy Lab Section only – must be approved by both Certificate and Policy Lab directors)
  • BUSN 40205 Healthcare Data Analytics
  • HMRT 31400 Health and Human Rights
  • PBHS 30910 Epidemiology and Population Health
  • PBHS 31450 Social Inequalities in Health: Race & Ethnicity
  • PBHS 38400 Advanced Topics in Health Economics (Offered every other year)
  • SSAD 46622 / PPHA 37302 Key Issues in Health Care: An Interdisciplinary Case Studies Approach (Only open to GPHAP students. Typically offered in Spring.)
  • SSAD 62912 Global Development and Social Welfare
  • SSAD 63300 International Perspectives on Social Policy & Practice

Certificate Contacts

Ellen Cohen, Administrative Director

David Meltzer, Certificate Director