Professor David Meltzer Discusses the Value of the Doctor-Patient Relationship

Surprisingly little is known about what the relationship between a patient and her primary-care doctor is worth. David Meltzer may be the first and only researcher in the country to quantify that value in a randomized clinical trial.
Koichiro Ito

Professor Koichiro Ito Discusses Dynamic Pricing vs. Moral Persuasion in Changing Habits

A new study from the University of Chicago concluded that “dynamic” pricing is more effective than moral persuasion on its own for changing customer behaviors in the long run.
Bruce Meyer

Professor Bruce D. Meyer Discusses Dramatic Effects of National Anti-Poverty Programs

Professor Bruce D. Meyer and a coauthor used administrative statistics from six major antipoverty programs to demonstrate that five of the six "sharply reduce deep poverty" and the sixth has a "pronounced" impact among the working poor.

Professor Amir Jina Discusses the Effects of Climate Change on Chicago's Future

Asst. Prof. Amir Jina finds that as temperatures rise, Chicago may fare better than many major United States cities.

Professor Peter Ganong Discusses Migration and the Wealth Gap

Studies show that spiraling housing costs, and the land-use restrictions that often accelerate unaffordability, don’t just push people out, but keep others out as well, hindering migration and widening the wealth gap.

Professor Damon Jones Discusses Ways to Simplify Tax Day and Assist Low-Income Families

According to IRS data, about 3 out of 4 tax filers can expect a refund averaging nearly $2,800, but there’s a catch — the grueling process of collecting records, completing work sheets and filling out a tax return.

Center for Municipal Finance's Amanda Kass Discusses Municipal Pension Shortfalls in Illinois

Under a new state law, the State of Illinois may withhold funds if municipalities fail to pay into their local pension funds.

Dean Katherine Baicker Discusses the Difficulty of Comparing International Health Prices

Because of variations between countries, it is difficult to determine how prices differences compare between countries, Dean Baicker explains.

Theaster Gates Discusses the Importance of Art as Urban Renewal

Theaster Gates, the first American Nasher Prize winner, set out to "do something to reflect the truth of my everyday life."
Sam Ori

EPIC Executive Director Sam Ori MPP'03 Discusses Fuel Economy Rules

Ori argues that following the new final determination from the US EPA on greenhouse gas emissions from passenger vehicles, there is an unexpected opportunity for reform.