Crystal Higginbotham

Incoming Student Profile: Crystal Higginbotham, Evening Master’s Program – Cohort 2 Class of 2020

Crystal Higginbotham, Class of 2020, believes that reforming urban school systems will lead to a more successful society for us all.
Kurt Nugent

Incoming Student Profile: Kurt Nugent, MPP Class of 2020

Kurt Nugent, MPP Class of 2020, is coming to Harris to learn how to help non-profits use data more effectively.
Leah Castleberry

Incoming Student Profile: Leah Castleberry, MPP Class of 2020

Leah Castleberry, Class of 2020, is pursuing an MPP to develop urban and social policies to help fellow Chicagoans.
William Snyder

Incoming Student Profile: William Snyder, Double Executive Masters in Health Policy Class of 2020

William Snyder is interested in developing innovative solutions to health care’s most pressing problems.
Yi Ding, MACRM Class of 2019

Incoming Student Profile: Yi Ding, MACRM Class of 2019

Yi Ding enrolled in the MACRM program because he wants to learn how to predict the outcome of political campaigns more accurately.
Chantal Forster

Incoming Student Profile: Chantal Forster, EMP Class of 2019

Chantal Forster, EMP Class of 2019, believes in advancing philanthropic goals through the strategic use of technology.
Samuel Dogbatse

Incoming Student Profile: Samuel Dogbatse, DEMHP Class of 2020

Dogbatse enrolled in the Double Executive Masters in Health Policy to bring US and UK health care best practices to Africa.
Valerie Rodgers

Incoming Student Profile: Valerie Rodgers, DEMHP Class of 2020

Valerie Rodgers wants to identify inconsistencies and inefficiencies in the health care sector to improve the patient experience.
Jinglin Fu, Class of 2020

Incoming Student Profile: Jinglin Fu, Class of 2020

Jinglin Fu, Class of 2020, plans to use her MPP to develop better health care policies in China.
Emma Nechemkin, Class of 2019

Student Profile: Emma Nechamkin, Class of 2019

Emma Nechamkin, Class of 2019, is on a mission to use data and public policy to level the playing field for educational, income, and social equality.