CLA Fellow Profile: Lieutenant Mark Sedevic Works to Strengthen Community Trust for Chicago Police

Mark Sedevic is a police lieutenant in Chicago. He used his Civic Leadership Academy capstone to extend his work towards a long-standing ambition: building trust between community and police. 

Buoyed by Tidal Wave of Activism, Liz Krueger AM’81 Looks Toward the Future

New York State Senator Liz Krueger AM’81, reenergized by a tidal wave of activism, looks to her Harris education to confront today's public policy challenges.
Mike Quigley

Public Policy in Trump's Washington: One Congressman's Search for Answers

Congressman Mike Quigley AM'85 discusses his role in the House Intelligence Committee's investigation of Russia's role in the 2016 presidential election, his commitment to his district, and more.
Gerardo de la Peña

¿Cómo Vamos?: Gerardo de la Peña MPP’01, Harris Public Policy, and Mexico's Future

When Gerardo de la Peña MPP’01 returned to Mexico after earning his degree from the University of Chicago Harris School of Public Policy, he was determined to improve the lives of his countrymen, stay connected to his school, and give back to others.
Junchen Feng, MPP’11, PhD’17

Alumni Q&A: Junchen Feng, MPP’11, PhD’17

As a full-stack data scientist, Junchen Feng, MPP'11, PhD'17, is a firm believer in using numbers to evaluate policy programs.
Jay Yuan, MPP’16

Alumni Q&A: Jay Yuan, MPP’16

International banker and biotech entrepreneur Jay Yuan, MPP'16, knows the versatility of a Harris degree.
Xiaolong Wu, MPP’13

Alumni Q&A: Xiaolong Wu, MPP’13

Alumnus Xiaolong Wu offers this advice to Harris students: Be yourself, and tell your own stories.
Paula Wolff, MA'69, PhD'72

Mentor Spotlight: Paula Wolff, MA'69, PhD'72

Wolff's trajectory in public policy and wide range of careers that brought her from state politics to higher education gives her a unique lens that she applies as a mentor to Harris Public Policy students.
Carolina Rojas-Hayes

Mentor Spotlight: Carolina Rojas-Hayes, MPP’06

Rojas-Hayes’ career has taken her around the world and to many rural parts of her own country in the public sector and bilateral and multilateral organizations. Today she is a senior executive in the Operations Programming Division for CAF.