Junchen Feng, MPP’11, PhD’17

Alumni Q&A: Junchen Feng, MPP’11, PhD’17

As a full-stack data scientist, Junchen Feng, MPP'11, PhD'17, is a firm believer in using numbers to evaluate policy programs.
Jay Yuan, MPP’16

Alumni Q&A: Jay Yuan, MPP’16

International banker and biotech entrepreneur Jay Yuan, MPP'16, knows the versatility of a Harris degree.
Xiaolong Wu, MPP’13

Alumni Q&A: Xiaolong Wu, MPP’13

Alumnus Xiaolong Wu offers this advice to Harris students: Be yourself, and tell your own stories.
Paula Wolff, MA'69, PhD'72

Mentor Spotlight: Paula Wolff, MA'69, PhD'72

Alfredo Gomez

Mentor Spotlight: Alfredo Gomez, MPP’91

Jonathan Giuffrida

Mentor Spotlight: Jonathan Giuffrida, MPP'15