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Headshot of Fred Lee

Student Profile: Fred Lee, Data Analytics Credential, Persuasive Writing Credential, 2021

“The skills that I’ve learned through the credential programs demonstrate that I can not only make data-informed policy recommendations, but that I can also communicate them in a convincing way.”
Headshot of Laura Keen

Alumni Profile: Laura Keen, MPP’20, Pearson Fellow

“People told me that grad school would change the way I approach problems, and that certainly has proven true.”
Headshot of Francesca Chicoine

Student Profile: Francesca Chicoine, MPP Class of 2024

"I wanted a school focused on social policy and backed by strong evidence-based and data-driven skills. When I went to Admitted Student Day at Harris, I saw this focus front and center."
Headshot of Rebecca Yap

Student Profile: Rebecca Yap, MPP Class of 2023

“I hope to hone well-rounded thinking and analytical skills to deliver environmental impact for the betterment of communities.”
Jinghan Zu smiling in a black blazer

Alumni Profile: Jinghan Zhu, MA/MA’20

“My tenure at Harris gave me exactly the fundamental training I wanted.”
Headshot of Natalia Zorrilla Ramos

Student Profile: Natalia Zorrilla Ramos, MPP Class of 2025

“Harris will undoubtedly prepare me as a professional and public servant representing my country as a Mexican diplomat. I look forward to transforming my passions for international development, human rights, and global conflict into a concrete social imp
Headshot of Annie Henderson

Student Profile: Annie Henderson, MPP Class of 2023

“Harris has a good approach to encouraging a diversity of ideas. I believe that building a network of good, smart people who know different things than I do is really important.”
Brenda Soriano-Villa, Headshot

Student Profile: Brenda Soriano-Villa, MPP Class of 2022

Through her work at the YMCA, Soriano-Villa has developed a passion for community building and equitable access to resources.
Andrea Kimpson

Student Profile: Andrea Kimpson, MPP Class of 2025

"During the pandemic, I saw how many systems seemed to be failing people all at once, which is why I want to understand how to build systems that support people and respond to their needs—while also respecting their autonomy."
Headshot of Camille Snyder

Student Profile: Camille Snyder, EMP Class of 2022

“I’m passionate about making healthcare affordable, equitable, and accessible for everyone.”
Headshot of Alberto Saldarriaga

Student Profile: Alberto Saldarriaga, MPP Class of 2025

“A central government needs to consider geographic, social, political, and economic disparities among regions when setting policies. Otherwise, those policies tend to fail.”
Headshot of Caroline Rakus-Wojciechowski

Student Profile: Caroline Rakus-Wojciechowski, Persuasive Writing Credential 2021

“I realized that I had a personal stake in youth education, and my narrative could be valuable in shaping better outcomes for others.”