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Headshot of Nina Sedeno

Student Profile: Nina Sedeño, MPP Class of 2022

“I chose to study public policy to see how policy works in action, and Harris was my top choice. I did not have a quantitative background, and I wanted to gain those skills.”
Jessica Anderson

Student Profile: Jessica Anderson, Pearson Fellow, MPP Class of 2021

As a Pearson Fellow, Anderson will be learning how to use data-driven strategies to predict when discord might intensify—and to create interventions to prevent conflicts from escalating into bloodshed.
Headshot of Hyun Jung (Sarah) Lee

Student Profile: Hyun Jung (Sarah) Lee, MPP Class of 2024

“Overcoming that initial fear taught me to not be afraid to be in another country—to not be afraid of anything, really.”
Headshot of Angela The

Student Profile: Angela The, MSCAPP Class of 2023

Angela The wants to work with governments at the local level to develop thoughtful and creative solutions to improve digital accessibility to public benefits and services.
Headshot of Matthew Ryan

Student Profile: Matthew Ryan, MSCAPP Class of 2023

“I’m excited for my studies at Harris. Not only will they allow me to advance my career, but I can also show my daughter the type of work I want her to see from me: service that is not for profit, but for the common good.”
Headshot of George Hunt, Jr.

Alumni Profile: George Hunt, Jr., Policy Analytics Credential 2022

“As a proponent of life-long learning, I entered the Policy Analytics Credential program to learn about new ways to incorporate data in the decision-making process for my clients.”
Headshot of Syeda Jaisha

Student Profile: Syeda Jaisha, MSCAPP Class of 2022

"Data is the most important ingredient for formulating and implementing effective policy."
José Villalobos Gonzalez

Student Profile: José Villalobos Gonzalez, MPP/MBA Class of 2024

“There’s a big dissonance between public and private interest, there’s a lot of opportunity to do things that benefit everyone if you can get business and government workers to understand each other."
Claire O'Hanlon, Headshot

Alumni Profile: Claire O'Hanlon, MPP'13

Claire O’Hanlon’s research for the U.S. Department of Veteran Affairs is helping to answer a difficult question: what conversations are doctors having with their patients about end-of-life care?
Headshot of Shreeya Misra

Alumni Profile: Shreeya Misra, DPSS'22

“DPSS allowed me to combine two things that I love: coding and policy.”
Headshot of Fred Lee

Student Profile: Fred Lee, Data Analytics Credential, Persuasive Writing Credential, 2021

“The skills that I’ve learned through the credential programs demonstrate that I can not only make data-informed policy recommendations, but that I can also communicate them in a convincing way.”
Headshot of Laura Keen

Alumni Profile: Laura Keen, MPP’20, Pearson Fellow

“People told me that grad school would change the way I approach problems, and that certainly has proven true.”