Can Democrats and Republicans agree on ANY solutions to the seemingly intractable problems confronting the United States? Join this experiment in dialogue and help us find out.
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Today's University of Chicago students are living in a time of deep ideological divisions across the United States. As politically-interested voters, activists, citizens and policy makers, you will confront high stakes policy decisions in highly polarized environments featuring powerful constituencies with seemingly irreconcilable competing objectives. 

Contributing to the difficulty of crafting sound public policy is the lack of dialogue between opposing factions. Contemporary Americans too often access only those news sources that reflect our own political orientations. And too often we exchange ideas only with people similar to ourselves. 

Given how easy it is today to avoid exposure to perspectives different from our own, policy makers, voters and public policy students must remain open to – and, indeed, seek out -- dynamic and thoughtful discussion across the boundaries of party and ideology.

The Across the Aisle Series is a way to bring participants outside of their ideological comfort zones, pushing them to engage in challenging policy conversations that might otherwise be avoided. Through these dialogues, interested University of Chicago students with opposing views will seek to identify where – if anywhere -- common ground might be attainable. 

We’ll dig deep into the differing motivations, philosophies and objectives of conservatives and liberals in order to determine whether a path forward together is possible. And, along the way, participants will gain a better understanding of what really motivates others to hold policy positions different from their own.

The Across the Aisle Dinner Series is open to all University of Chicago students. Interested students register for each dinner separately. Please note that the number of available slots for each dinner is limited.

Stay tuned for information on our next dinner.    

We'll need 6 liberals and 6 conservatives to come join the discussion and share their honest and candid views. You don't have to be an expert. You just need to be interested in politics and public policy and regard yourself, in general, as either a liberal or conservative. 

To participate, you must REGISTER.  We'll give some priority to people who sign-up early but if more than 6 liberals or more than 6 conservatives register, we reserve the right to make the final selections so as to assure a degree of racial and gender diversity. We'll contact you no later than a week prior to the dinner to either: 1) confirm your participation or 2) let you know that we can't fit you in at this dinner but encourage you to register for future ones. If you register but then need to CANCEL, you must do so no later than four business days from the date of the event so that we have time to secure a replacement. 

Please note that the registration form may include some demographic questions. You are not obligated to answer them, but we ask you to do so because your answers will help us assure some measure of demographic diversity.

Across the Aisle Dinner Discussion on TOPIC TBD

Date:  TBD

Time:  5:30 pm

Location:  A location at Harris TBD

(You must come on time and, if you have to CANCEL, you must do so no later than DATE TBD)

An Across the Aisle Dinner can be fun, thought-provoking, informative and entertaining – and who knows what else it might lead to! Maybe common-ground. Certainly a better understanding of what motivates your political adversaries. Join us!