What if I want to attend a program but the time is not convenient for me?

If you are unable to attend a program during its scheduled time, you should not register for that program. There are other ways you can prepare for the core and the mandatory math exam. Harris offers self-study resources for all incoming students. These are particularly helpful for students who are unable to attend our summer programs.

Dataquest is an online learning platform that teaches coding and data science. All incoming full-time master’s students will receive six months of premium access to Dataquest starting in mid-July. We recommend students complete the “Introduction to Data Analysis in R” course prior to starting their Autumn Quarter coursework.

DiagKNOWstics is an online learning platform that uses adaptive technology to speed through skills you have mastered while spending time on skills you need to review. DiagKNOWstics has built a course specifically tailored to our math exam, and this course is used as homework for Jumpstart and Math & Coding Camp. If you cannot attend Jumpstart or Math & Coding Camp, you can still access the content of those programs through DiagKNOWstics. Access to DiagKNOWstics will be shared with students in August.