Mittal plans to leverage his MA in Public Policy to create e-governance that harnesses technology to bridge resource gaps.
Headshot of Shashank Mittal
Shashank Mittal

Shashank Mittal, MA Class of 2022, currently works as a Principal Consultant with PricewaterhouseCoopers (PwC) in India. In his role, he advises the Director General of National Informatics Centre, the premier technology institute of India's Central government, on strategic development of e-governance solutions along with the applications of emerging technologies for citizen-centric services. “Much of my work revolves around the ways in which new technology can help us bridge the social divide and lead to social and economic development in India,” he said.

“If used judiciously, I believe technology can make a positive change in the lives of billions of people.”

Devoted to the idea that “technology helps reach the unreached,” Mittal earned his BA in Biotechnology from India's Graphic Era University in 2012, where he published a research paper on signature patterns of major virulent proteins of HIV1 and after graduating, he worked as a teaching assistant in the biotechnology department. He also worked as a systems engineer with Infosys Limited, which specializes in information technology worldwide.

Mittal went on to pursue his MBA from the School of Inspired Leadership. There, he participated in the Social Innovation Program, which placed him with Skill Share International, one of the largest NGOs in the world. "While at Skill Share, I researched the socioeconomic and educational backgrounds of migrant children in India and organized charitable donations from international organizations for Share the Light, a program that provided resources for underserved children to celebrate the Indian festival of Diwali." 

After completing his MBA in 2016, Mittal led digital transformation for Genpact  India using Digital Transformation, Lean Six Sigma, and Design Thinking tools. Now in his current role with PwC, Mittal has realized his passion for working in the public sector. “In the last two and a half years, even if I had to work evenings and weekends, there was no time at which I was not enjoying myself. Working with the National Informatics Centre  helped me recognize the need to learn more about public policy. Harris was the only school where I came across policy so intensely packed with data and technology.”

After exploring the programs offered at Harris, Mittal found the one year MA in Public Policy to be a perfect fit. “Nowhere else can you find a one-year degree this customizable.” He is also looking into certificate programs, especially the STEM-eligible Markets & Regulation Certificate.

The Center for Effective Government also intrigued me, since I am currently working in government. I am looking forward to learning and sharing information.”

Mittal also plans to be a regular visitor to the Career Development Office to revise his resume and work on his interviewing skills. “CDO already seems very collaborative in developing individuals rather than placing them in a particular role,” he said.

Most of all, Mittal looks forward to receiving an international education and participating in Diversity & Inclusion. “My professors always used to tell me, ‘unlearn before you learn.’ At Harris, I definitely want to let go of any  preconceived notions and mindset because I don’t want to miss the opportunities for cross-cultural learning. I’m looking forward to the exchange of ideas among students from 39 countries. Imagine the kind of energy coming from people of all walks of life, sharing things we may have never thought of before.”